20 butterbeer recipes to enchant your autumn

by Justina Huddleston
Sep 8, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. ET

Breakfast, lunch or dinner — every meal is made more magical when butterbeer is involved. 

1 /21: Salted butterbeer tarts

1/21 :Salted butterbeer tarts

Gooey salted butterbeer tarts with a crunchy pumpkin snap crust will send you to heaven with each bite.

2 /21: Frosted butterbeer blondie bites

2/21 :Frosted butterbeer blondie bites

Butterbeer blondies are already delicious, but the toasted marshmallow frosting takes these over the top.

3 /21: Warm butterbeer

3/21 :Warm butterbeer

On chilly nights, a steaming mug of this boozy butterbeer will warm you from the inside out.

4 /21: Cold butterbeer

4/21 :Cold butterbeer

Cold and fizzy butterbeer will put a spring in your step with each sip.

5 /21: Butterbeer sandwich cookies

5/21 :Butterbeer sandwich cookies

Literally drooling over these butterscotch and toffee cookies filled with butterbeer frosting.

6 /21: Butterbeer macaroons

6/21 :Butterbeer macaroons

Vegans, rejoice! These butterbeer macaroons are the magical treat you've been waiting for.

7 /21: Butterbeer popcorn

7/21 :Butterbeer popcorn

Sweet and salty, buttery and toasted, this butterbeer popcorn is one treat you won't be able to stop snacking on.

8 /21: Butterbeer blondies

8/21 :Butterbeer blondies

Brown butter and toasted nuts make these blondies taste like an autumn afternoon in Hogsmeade.

9 /21: Butterbeer-buttercream cupcakes

9/21 :Butterbeer-buttercream cupcakes

Brown sugar cupcakes and butterbeer frosting combine in these scrumptiously sweet treats. I'll take five!

10 /21: Butterbeer milkshake

10/21 :Butterbeer milkshake

I can't think of anything better than sipping a butterbeer milkshake on movie night.

11 /21: Butterbeer cake

11/21 :Butterbeer cake

All you need to know about this cake is that it involves a salted butterscotch ganache. Dyingggg!

12 /21: Butterbeer energy bites

12/21 :Butterbeer energy bites

Start your day off magically by grabbing a couple of these butterbeer energy bites on your way out the door.

13 /21: Butterbeer pocky

13/21 :Butterbeer pocky

Butterbeer pocky are the perfect snack to munch on while re-reading your favorite Harry Potter book. 

14 /21: Butterbeer ice cream

14/21 :Butterbeer ice cream

Made with real beer (chocolate stout, to be exact), this butterbeer ice cream is a perfect treat for adults. 

15 /21: Butterbeer mug cake

15/21 :Butterbeer mug cake

Cooked up quick in the microwave, this butterbeer mug cake is a fast way to get your Harry Potter food fix.

16 /21: Butterbeer sugar cookies

16/21 :Butterbeer sugar cookies

Topped with a gooey butterbeer glaze and printed frosting sheets, these cookies are a real showstopper.

17 /21: Pumpkin-butterbeer hot chocolate

17/21 :Pumpkin-butterbeer hot chocolate

Transition easily from fall to winter with this incredible pumpkin-butterbeer hot chocolate.

18 /21: Butterbeer pancakes

18/21 :Butterbeer pancakes

Treat yourself like a magic queen with these butterbeer pancakes for breakfast.

19 /21: Butterbeer ice cream floats

19/21 :Butterbeer ice cream floats

Homemade coconut-caramel ice cream and a dark butterscotch caramel sauce make this treat too good for this world. 

20 /21: Butterbeer ice cream sandwiches

20/21 :Butterbeer ice cream sandwiches

Forget Klondike bars — I'd do anything for these butterbeer ice cream and shortbread cookie sandwiches. 

21 /21: All the Butter Beer you want

21/21 :All the Butter Beer you want

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