Slow Cooker Sunday: 20 barbecue-style recipes that don't need a grill

by Justina Huddleston
Jul 10, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Whether it's rainy out or you don't have a grill, these recipes will make you feel like you're at a cookout. 

1 /20: Slow cooker barbecue chicken wings

1/20 :Slow cooker barbecue chicken wings

Lick-your-fingers good barbecue chicken wings are a cinch to make in the slow cooker. 

2 /20: Spicy slow cooker peach barbecue ribs

2/20 :Spicy slow cooker peach barbecue ribs

Between the peach barbecue sauce and the succulent meat, these ribs are a summer slow cooker double whammy.

3 /20: 3-ingredient barbecue pork

3/20 :3-ingredient barbecue pork

When barbecue pork is this easy to make, you can pretend every day is a summer celebration.

4 /20: Slow cooker corn on the cob

4/20 :Slow cooker corn on the cob

Throw your corn into the slow cooker, and forget about it. In a few hours you'll have a perfect side dish.

5 /20: Pulled pork sliders with garlic aioli

5/20 :Pulled pork sliders with garlic aioli

These pulled pork sliders with a garlic aioli are a little different from your standard barbecue fare.

6 /20: Barbecue bacon pork chops

6/20 :Barbecue bacon pork chops

Barbecued pork chops and potatoes topped with bacon and cheese are a tasty summer meal in one.

7 /20: Slow cooker beer brats

7/20 :Slow cooker beer brats

Beer brats on buns with lots of mustard are a barbecue favorite made even easier in the slow cooker.

8 /20: Slow cooker mac 'n' cheese

8/20 :Slow cooker mac 'n' cheese

What's a barbecue without the sides? This slow cooker mac 'n' cheese practically makes itself.

9 /20: Apple barbecue little smokies

9/20 :Apple barbecue little smokies

Barbecue little smokies made with apple butter are a savory-sweet appetizer the whole family will love.

10 /20: Slow cooker creamy, cheesy corn

10/20 :Slow cooker creamy, cheesy corn

Sweet summer corn is given a rich makeover in this decadent cheesy corn recipe, perfect alongside barbecue.

11 /20: Cheeseburger sandwiches

11/20 :Cheeseburger sandwiches

Can't use the grill? These fun slow cooker cheeseburger sandwiches are here to save the day.

12 /20: Barbecue chicken chili

12/20 :Barbecue chicken chili

Hearty chicken chili tastes like a summer cookout thanks to a dose of barbecue sauce.

13 /20: Easy barbecue beef brisket

13/20 :Easy barbecue beef brisket

Making moist barbecue beef brisket is way easier in the slow cooker than on the grill.

14 /20: Bourbon chicken sliders

14/20 :Bourbon chicken sliders

Tangy slow cooker bourbon chicken makes succulent sandwiches that are better than barbecue. 

15 /20: Sweet-and-spicy slow cooker sausage

15/20 :Sweet-and-spicy slow cooker sausage

You don't need a grill to make these sweet-and-spicy slow cooker sausages.

16 /20: Slow cooker baked beans

16/20 :Slow cooker baked beans

Slow cooker baked beans are the ultimate side dish for rainy-day, indoor summer barbecues.

17 /20: Cornbread pudding casserole

17/20 :Cornbread pudding casserole

Moist, tender cornbread pudding is a slow cooker side dish that's heavenly with barbecued meats.

18 /20: Slow cooker dinner rolls

18/20 :Slow cooker dinner rolls

Soak up all that barbecue sauce goodness with these tender, fluffy, slow cooker dinner rolls

19 /20: Slow cooker coconut-peach cobbler

19/20 :Slow cooker coconut-peach cobbler

Sweet summer peaches are the star of this slow cooker coconut-peach cobbler.

20 /20: Slow cooker berry cobbler

20/20 :Slow cooker berry cobbler

It's not a summer barbecue without a dessert, and this slow cooker berry cobbler more than does the trick.