16 totally bonkers ways 'Ghostbusters' got us craving marshmallows like mmm, mmm, mmm

by Justina Huddleston
Jun 29, 2016 at 10:20 a.m. ET

This Ghostbusters-inspired dessert burger from Japan has us craving all things marshmallow. Thanks a lot, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The dessert is being served at all four locations of J.S. Burgers Café in Japan, which also has some savory Ghostbusters-themed dishes.

But this marshmallow treat, featuring Oreo cookies and a fruity red sauce, is the true masterpiece. And it's got us craving one thing: more outrageous marshmallow creations. So we found some!

1 /15: Cookie dough-stuffed marshmallows

1/15 :Cookie dough-stuffed marshmallows

Cookie dough-stuffed marshmallows? Welcome to paradise.

2 /15: White chocolate marshmallow dip

2/15 :White chocolate marshmallow dip

"Fruit? Uh... yeah, I love fruit." *Triple-dunks strawberry into marshmallow dip*

3 /15: Tie-dyed marshmallows

3/15 :Tie-dyed marshmallows

These. Are. Un. Real.

4 /15: Caramel-wrapped marshmallows

4/15 :Caramel-wrapped marshmallows

Marshmallows inside a caramel? Now that's the kind of dessert inception I can get behind.

5 /15: Toasted marshmallow iced coffee

5/15 :Toasted marshmallow iced coffee

Combining your marshmallow addiction with your caffeine obsession can only lead to good things — like this coffee.

6 /15: Marshmallow-stuffed cookiedillas

6/15 :Marshmallow-stuffed cookiedillas

Gooey marshmallow-stuffed cookiedillas prove that heaven really is a place on Earth.

7 /15: Toasted marshmallow milkshake

7/15 :Toasted marshmallow milkshake

Combining summer's best treats — marshmallows and ice cream — is nothing short of genius.

8 /15: Chocolate-dipped caramel marshmallows

8/15 :Chocolate-dipped caramel marshmallows

Sorry, s'mores — when marshmallows are this luxurious, it's totally fine to eat them on their own.

9 /15: Toasted marshmallow cake

9/15 :Toasted marshmallow cake

Toasted marshmallow frosting turns any cake into a national treasure.

10 /15: Peppermint marshmallow sandwiches

10/15 :Peppermint marshmallow sandwiches

Who needs ice cream when you can have luscious homemade marshmallows instead? 

11 /15: Funnel cake fries with marshmallow dip

11/15 :Funnel cake fries with marshmallow dip

Did you know you can microwave marshmallow crème to make a dipping sauce? This is revolutionary snacking.

12 /15: Chocolate-dipped potato chip mallow treats

12/15 :Chocolate-dipped potato chip mallow treats

Replacing crisped rice with potato chips in this recipe has literally almost moved me to tears. #Blessed

13 /15: S'mores cookie cake

13/15 :S'mores cookie cake

Eight layers of cookies, chocolate and, most important, marshmallow frosting... What more could a girl ask for?

14 /15: S'mores Pavlova

14/15 :S'mores Pavlova

A thick layer of fluffy marshmallow frosting satisfies all your cravings in this Pavlova.

15 /15: S'mores dip

15/15 :S'mores dip

Maximize your marshmallow intake with this s'mores dip — no more toasting 'mallows one at a time.