18 Breezy Gin Cocktail Recipes That Will Be Your New Summer Faves

by Heather Barnett
Jun 19, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Gin's flowery aroma makes it perfect for warm weather, and we're all about these recipes for summer.

Originally published June 2016. Updated June 2017.

1 /18: Corn goddess

1/18 :Corn goddess

The corn goddess packs a summertime punch by using fresh corn and tomatoes (no, really!).

2 /18: Tequila-gin hibiscus cocktail

2/18 :Tequila-gin hibiscus cocktail

The combo of tequila and gin isn't as surprising as the muddled bell pepper and hibiscus liqueur.

3 /18: Ramos gin fizz

3/18 :Ramos gin fizz

Frothy and floral, the Ramos gin fizz is delish paired with yellow cake. 

4 /18: Gin Rickey

4/18 :Gin Rickey

This simple vintage cocktail was named for Colonel Joe Rickey in the late 1800s.

5 /18: Cherry blossom gin fizzie

5/18 :Cherry blossom gin fizzie

The hibiscus flower crystals the cherry blossom fizzie is garnished with make a stellar presentation.

6 /18: Artichoke Negroni

6/18 :Artichoke Negroni

DIY artichoke gin, Cynar artichoke liqueur and an artichoke garnish triples the artichoke goodness.

7 /18: Wondering botanist

7/18 :Wondering botanist

Citrus and thyme give this gin cocktail an orchard-fresh finish.

8 /18: Gin elderflower cocktail

8/18 :Gin elderflower cocktail

Beautiful as they are, gin elderflower cocktails may lead to an excess of bad Monty Python jokes.

9 /18: Cucumber gin spritzer

9/18 :Cucumber gin spritzer

Gin adds a layer of complexity to the refreshing flavor of cucumber in this fizzy cocktail.

10 /18: Isfahan rose

10/18 :Isfahan rose

This Middle Eastern dessert-inspired cocktail elegantly combines rose water and pistachio flavors.

11 /18: Berry-basil slushie

11/18 :Berry-basil slushie

The floral flavor of gin gets a bit of a boost from basil in this berry-basil slushie.

12 /18: Gunpowder gin punch

12/18 :Gunpowder gin punch

This quirky gin punch features gunpowder green tea and celery bitters.

13 /18: Pomegranate Moscow mule

13/18 :Pomegranate Moscow mule

This Moscow mule is the only thing more satisfying than the burst of pomegranate seeds on your tongue.

14 /18: The Savoy tango

14/18 :The Savoy tango

The Savoy tango's hit of strong apple brandy stands out from "girlier" sloe gin cocktails.

15 /18: Strawberry gin smash

15/18 :Strawberry gin smash

Ripe strawberries are smashed and splashed with gin and soda for a berry-licious booze concoction

16 /18: Orange Negroni

16/18 :Orange Negroni

The simplicity of this vintage Negroni with a twist belies its complex flavors.

17 /18: Lady Jane (Earl Grey gin cocktail)

17/18 :Lady Jane (Earl Grey gin cocktail)

Tea… Earl Grey… boozy. Earl Grey-infused gin is the highlight of this cocktail fit for Picard.

18 /18: Unicorn's revenge

18/18 :Unicorn's revenge

Lychee and violet flower syrup mix with gin's juniper to give vodka drinks their day of reckoning.