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14 beautiful ways to eat blue spirulina that won’t turn you into a Smurf


SheKnows Editorial

It sounds like hippie food (and TBH, it totally is), but blue spirulina is so much more than that.

Just a sprinkle of this blue-green algae powder can add a vibrant hue to your smoothies, “nice” cream and even burger buns. But other than the color, what’s the point?

Spirulina is full of nutritients, including protein, B complex vitamins, beta carotene and vitamin E, along with essential minerals and fatty acids. And some studies show promise that spirulina could be used to boost the immune system, inhibit allergic reactions and support healthy gut flora.

And when it makes your food this pretty, why not start adding it to your meals? These Instagram users are making the most of beautiful blue spirulina.

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