20 recipes that make the most of dreamy tahini

by Justina Huddleston
May 19, 2016 at 3:15 p.m. ET

Tahini — a creamy, nutty sesame paste — is about to change your cooking routine in a big way.

1 /20: Kale salad with tahini yogurt

1/20 :Kale salad with tahini yogurt

A tahini-yogurt dressing is the perfect creamy complement to this hearty kale, trout and haloumi salad.

2 /20: Creamy tahini tomato soup

2/20 :Creamy tahini tomato soup

Tahini makes this tomato soup extra creamy while giving it a nutty depth of flavor.

3 /20: Baked doughnuts with carob-tahini cream

3/20 :Baked doughnuts with carob-tahini cream

Stuffed with carob-tahini cream, these vegan doughnuts will make your mouth water.

4 /20: Hemp, chocolate and tahini coconut bars

4/20 :Hemp, chocolate and tahini coconut bars

These raw tahini coconut bars make for a nutritious dessert or on-the-go snack.

5 /20: Chocolate-tahini butter

5/20 :Chocolate-tahini butter

Creamy and rich, this chocolate-tahini butter is an earthy alternative to Nutella.

6 /20: BBQ tahini sauce

6/20 :BBQ tahini sauce

Drizzled on bowls or brushed on grilled meats, this barbecue tahini sauce will make your meal better.

7 /20: Roasted blueberry-banana tahini ice pops

7/20 :Roasted blueberry-banana tahini ice pops

Tahini adds a nutty flavor and creamy texture to these blueberry-banana ice pops.

8 /20: Quinoa-tahini bars

8/20 :Quinoa-tahini bars

Protein-rich tahini, almonds and quinoa are sweetened up with dates in this satisfying recipe.

9 /20: Roasted broccoli pasta with tahini sauce

9/20 :Roasted broccoli pasta with tahini sauce

Pasta with broccoli and chickpeas gets a creamy boost thanks to tahini-lemon sauce in this recipe.

10 /20: Spicy shrimp with tarator dip

10/20 :Spicy shrimp with tarator dip

Lemony, garlicky tahini tarator blows your typical cocktail sauce out of the water.

11 /20: Salted tahini chocolate chip cookies

11/20 :Salted tahini chocolate chip cookies

Tahini brings out the earthiness of chocolate chips while giving these cookies great chew.

12 /20: Tahini-honey overnight oats

12/20 :Tahini-honey overnight oats

Add some oomph to your oats with tahini and figs in this easy overnight recipe.

13 /20: Strawberry-tahini blondies

13/20 :Strawberry-tahini blondies

Like PB&J but more sophisticated, these strawberry, white chocolate and tahini blondies are a treasure.

14 /20: Tahini brownies

14/20 :Tahini brownies

Tahini adds a rich flavor to these chocolaty, moist brownies.

15 /20: Tahini-roasted butternut squash

15/20 :Tahini-roasted butternut squash

Butternut squash gets a flavor upgrade thanks to this tahini, soy and lime sauce.

16 /20: Tahini fudge

16/20 :Tahini fudge

Halfway between caramel and fudge, this tahini halva is worth a try.

17 /20: Tahini mousse pie

17/20 :Tahini mousse pie

Forget peanut butter — tahini takes this airy mousse pie to the next level.

18 /20: Whole roasted cauliflower with tahini

18/20 :Whole roasted cauliflower with tahini

A Calabrian chili tahini sauce makes this whole roasted cauliflower anything but boring.

19 /20: Tahini-walnut cookies

19/20 :Tahini-walnut cookies

Nutty and sweet, these vegan tahini-walnut cookies are tasty with tea or coffee.

20 /20: Tahini-vanilla milkshake smoothie

20/20 :Tahini-vanilla milkshake smoothie

Breakfast, or dessert? This tahini-vanilla milkshake smoothie is so good you won't know the difference.