20 recipes that show why turmeric is everyone's favorite food trend

May 13, 2016 at 7:35 p.m. ET

Lately it seems like everyone's talking about turmeric, and it turns out, it's true.

Google recently released its list of top food trends for the year so far, and turmeric tops the list.

But what is it? And how do you use it?

Turmeric is a rhizome (like ginger) with a bright yellow hue and a slightly bitter, spicy flavor that works well in all manner of recipes, sweet and savory.

What makes it special are its nutritional attributes. curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric a bright color (and stains your countertops, so be careful!), has been found to do everything from prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes and cure indigestion to prevent heart attacks, fight cancer, ease the symptoms of arthritis and improve memory.

Luckily, turmeric is also delicious. Try out this trending spice for yourself in these tasty, healthy recipes.

1 /20: Blood orange turmeric cake

1/20 :Blood orange turmeric cake

2 /20: Cleansing vegetable turmeric soup

2/20 :Cleansing vegetable turmeric soup

3 /20: 30-minute turmeric meatball masala

3/20 :30-minute turmeric meatball masala

4 /20: Butternut, apple and turmeric soup

4/20 :Butternut, apple and turmeric soup

5 /20: Gluten-free turmeric spice cake

5/20 :Gluten-free turmeric spice cake

6 /20: Raw mango turmeric cupcakes

6/20 :Raw mango turmeric cupcakes

7 /20: Orange carrot ginger turmeric smoothie

7/20 :Orange carrot ginger turmeric smoothie

8 /20: Orange turmeric margaritas

8/20 :Orange turmeric margaritas

9 /20: Creamy mushroom and spinach with turmeric quinoa

9/20 :Creamy mushroom and spinach with turmeric quinoa

10 /20: Turmeric apple butter popcorn

10/20 :Turmeric apple butter popcorn

11 /20: Turmeric ginger lemonade

11/20 :Turmeric ginger lemonade

12 /20: Turmeric chicken rice bowls

12/20 :Turmeric chicken rice bowls

13 /20: Turmeric lemon potatoes and chicken

13/20 :Turmeric lemon potatoes and chicken

14 /20: Turmeric pork skillet

14/20 :Turmeric pork skillet

15 /20: Turmeric zucchini and potato fritters

15/20 :Turmeric zucchini and potato fritters

16 /20: Turmeric baked sweet potato fries

16/20 :Turmeric baked sweet potato fries

17 /20: Hot spiced turmeric golden milk

17/20 :Hot spiced turmeric golden milk

18 /20: Turmeric curry soup with crispy pork

18/20 :Turmeric curry soup with crispy pork

19 /20: Turmeric roasted fennel and chickpeas

19/20 :Turmeric roasted fennel and chickpeas

20 /20: Spinach tofu with turmeric rice

20/20 :Spinach tofu with turmeric rice