23 vegetarian wedding appetizers good enough to attract crashers

by Justina Huddleston
May 3, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. ET

These vegetarian appetizers prove you don't need meat to please your wedding guests.

1 /23: Figs and Gorgonzola

1/23 :Figs and Gorgonzola

Sweet figs and salty Gorgonzola are a super-simple but elegant vegetarian appetizer.

2 /23: Zucchini fritters

2/23 :Zucchini fritters

Colorful, fresh zucchini-corn fritters are the perfect vegetarian appetizer for spring and summer weddings.

3 /23: Greek salad tapenade toasts

3/23 :Greek salad tapenade toasts

Greek salad tapenade toasts will satisfy vegetarian and omnivore guests alike.

4 /23: Strawberry-goat cheese bruschetta

4/23 :Strawberry-goat cheese bruschetta

Make the most of spring and summer produce with this sweet and tangy strawberry bruschetta.

5 /23: Blue cheese, onion and pear puffs

5/23 :Blue cheese, onion and pear puffs

Blue cheese, onion and pear puffs are a vegetarian appetizer that will pair well with your wine of choice.

6 /23: Blackened hasselback carrots

6/23 :Blackened hasselback carrots

Charred, sliced carrots make for an eye-catching vegetarian app. Serve with whipped feta for extra flavor.

7 /23: Cheddar guacamole cups

7/23 :Cheddar guacamole cups

Baked cups of cheddar hold creamy swirls of guacamole in this low-carb vegetarian appetizer.

8 /23: Mushroom coxinha

8/23 :Mushroom coxinha

A popular Brazilian street food gets a vegetarian makeover in this recipe.

9 /23: Kale pesto and cauliflower pies

9/23 :Kale pesto and cauliflower pies

Kale pesto and cauliflower mini pies are a cute and tasty vegetarian appetizer.

10 /23: Mushroom and thyme phyllo tarts

10/23 :Mushroom and thyme phyllo tarts

Mini phyllo dough cups filled with mushrooms and thyme are sure to please your wedding guests.

11 /23: Roasted tomato and ricotta crostini

11/23 :Roasted tomato and ricotta crostini

Creamy ricotta, roasted cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar make for flavorful vegetarian crostini.

12 /23: Quinoa pizza bites

12/23 :Quinoa pizza bites

Quinoa pizza bites are a gluten-free and vegetarian way to satisfy your guests' cravings.

13 /23: Persimmon-mozzarella bruschetta

13/23 :Persimmon-mozzarella bruschetta

Persimmon, pomegranate and balsamic pair well with milky mozzarella in this bruschetta recipe.

14 /23: Sweet potato spring rolls

14/23 :Sweet potato spring rolls

Spiralized sweet potato brings color and a touch of whimsy to these vegetarian fresh spring rolls.

15 /23: Spring herb cream cheese cups

15/23 :Spring herb cream cheese cups

Herbed cream cheese and fresh veggies are a light and pretty meatless appetizer.

16 /23: Sweet potato taco wonton cups

16/23 :Sweet potato taco wonton cups

Crispy wontons hold a sweet potato taco filling in this fun vegetarian recipe.

17 /23: Truffled egg salad endive spears

17/23 :Truffled egg salad endive spears

Endive spears keep this truffled egg salad appetizer gluten free and fresh.

18 /23: Vegetarian potato cakes

18/23 :Vegetarian potato cakes

Crispy potato cakes are even tastier when served with a sweet and tart cranberry-orange chutney.

19 /23: Spiral curry puffs

19/23 :Spiral curry puffs

Flaky, crispy spiral dough holds a spiced, curried potato mixture in this recipe.

20 /23: Vegetarian Buffalo sliders

20/23 :Vegetarian Buffalo sliders

Spicy vegetarian Buffalo sliders are a fun appetizer for casual weddings.

21 /23: Baked vegetarian flautas

21/23 :Baked vegetarian flautas

Served with guacamole, these lentil-walnut flautas are a fun vegetarian finger food.

22 /23: Sweet potato and feta tart

22/23 :Sweet potato and feta tart

Cut this sweet potato and feta tart into slices or cubes for satisfying vegetarian party fare.

23 /23: Blue cheese, cranberry and walnut bites

23/23 :Blue cheese, cranberry and walnut bites

Puff pastry cups hold this complex vegetarian mixture of blue cheese, cranberry and walnuts.