15 Elderflower Liqueur Cocktails That Are the Perfect Summertime Sip

by Justina Huddleston
May 17, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. ET

These St.-Germain cocktails are almost too pretty to drink. Almost.

Originally published April 2016. Updated May 2017.

1 /16: Frenchie cocktail

1/16 :Frenchie cocktail

Limoncello and elderflower add citrusy, floral sweetness to this gin-based cocktail.

2 /16: Muddled monarch cocktail

2/16 :Muddled monarch cocktail

Grapefruit and mint make this St.-Germain cocktail especially refreshing.

3 /16: St.-Germain strawberry sparkler

3/16 :St.-Germain strawberry sparkler

Champagne and sparkling water give this St.-Germain and strawberry cocktail a double dose of bubbles.

4 /16: Lychee sangria

4/16 :Lychee sangria

St.-Germain and lychee make this white sangria anything but ordinary.

5 /16: Cucumber-mint gin fizz

5/16 :Cucumber-mint gin fizz

Cooling cucumber and fragrant St.-Germain make this a spa-worthy sipper.

6 /16: St.-Germain and black currant martini

6/16 :St.-Germain and black currant martini

Black currant juice mixed with St.-Germain, vodka and lemon is a refreshingly fruity martini.

7 /16: St.-Germain pineapple cocktail

7/16 :St.-Germain pineapple cocktail

A combination of pineapple, rum, gin and St.-Germain makes for a fun and fruity cocktail.

8 /16: Blood orange Champagne floats

8/16 :Blood orange Champagne floats

Step into spring with these blood orange sorbet, Champagne and St.-Germain floats.

9 /16: The Queen's Tipple

9/16 :The Queen's Tipple

Gin and St.-Germain create a complex floral cocktail you won't be able to stop sipping.

10 /16: St.-Germain and Champagne

10/16 :St.-Germain and Champagne

Cocktails don't get simpler (or more delicious) than this St.-Germain and Champagne spritzer.

11 /16: Elderflower smash

11/16 :Elderflower smash

Bitters give an edge to this citrusy St.-Germain and mint cocktail.

12 /16: St.-Germain and ruby red cocktail

12/16 :St.-Germain and ruby red cocktail

St.-Germain, with its floral, citrusy flair, is a natural pair with grapefruit juice and gin.

13 /16: St.-Germain gin and tonic

13/16 :St.-Germain gin and tonic

The classic gin and tonic gets an upgrade thanks to a splash St.-Germain in this cocktail.

14 /16: French tart

14/16 :French tart

Rosemary adds an herbal complexity to this elderflower and grapefruit cocktail.

15 /16: Clementine margarita

15/16 :Clementine margarita

Citrusy, floral and sweet, this margarita swaps triple sec for St.-Germain.

16 /16: Pin it!

16/16 :Pin it!