20 pistachio desserts that'll make you go totally nuts

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 29, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Sweet, nutty pistachios make these desserts totally drool worthy.

1 /20: Pistachio-orange baklava

1/20 :Pistachio-orange baklava

Flaky puff pastry, pistachios and orange come together to make an unforgettable dessert.

2 /20: Pomegranate-pistachio tarts

2/20 :Pomegranate-pistachio tarts

Vegan pomegranate and pistachio tarts are a simple but elegant dessert.

3 /20: Pistachio-raspberry pound cake

3/20 :Pistachio-raspberry pound cake

Rich pistachio-raspberry pound cake was destined to be the star of your next teatime.

4 /20: Pistachio-olive oil cake

4/20 :Pistachio-olive oil cake

Honeyed kumquats top this gluten-free pistachio-olive oil cake.

5 /20: Cherry-pistachio mousse slices

5/20 :Cherry-pistachio mousse slices

Cherry-pistachio mousse slices are a fun party dessert when you're tired of the same old cake.

6 /20: Pistachio-coconut brownies

6/20 :Pistachio-coconut brownies

Pistachios and coconut take these brownies to the next level.

7 /20: Pistachio, orange and pomegranate cake

7/20 :Pistachio, orange and pomegranate cake

Swap out icing in favor of pistachios in this fruit-forward orange and pomegranate cake.

8 /20: Nutella-pistachio pastries

8/20 :Nutella-pistachio pastries

With just four ingredients, these pistachio and Nutella pastries are deceptively easy.

9 /20: Chocolate-pistachio gelato

9/20 :Chocolate-pistachio gelato

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make this rich and creamy chocolate-pistachio gelato.

10 /20: Pistachio-apricot white chocolate bark

10/20 :Pistachio-apricot white chocolate bark

White chocolate studded with pistachios and apricot is an eye-catching dessert.

11 /20: Pear and pistachio scones

11/20 :Pear and pistachio scones

One bite of these sweet pistachio-pear scones, and you'll be hooked.

12 /20: Peach and pistachio galette

12/20 :Peach and pistachio galette

Pistachios add a subtle crunch to this rustic peach galette.

13 /20: Roasted pistachio chocolate bars

13/20 :Roasted pistachio chocolate bars

Roasted pistachios coated in chocolate are a decadent treat.

14 /20: Pistachio-rose doughnuts

14/20 :Pistachio-rose doughnuts

Infused with nutty flavor thanks to ground pistachios, these doughnuts will put a smile on your face.

15 /20: Pistachio eggnog

15/20 :Pistachio eggnog

With a beverage as creamy and sweet as this pistachio eggnog, who needs cookies and cake?

16 /20: Vegan pistachio-rose cookies

16/20 :Vegan pistachio-rose cookies

Vegan treats don't have to be boring, as proven by this pistachio-rosewater cookie recipe.

17 /20: Pistachio-lime cupcakes with icing

17/20 :Pistachio-lime cupcakes with icing

Serve these zesty iced pistachio-lime cupcakes with prosecco for a fancy afternoon snack.

18 /20: Pistachio white chocolate cookies

18/20 :Pistachio white chocolate cookies

Served with a cold glass of milk or warm mug of tea, these pistachio cookies are sure to delight.

19 /20: Pistachio-Baileys shortbread cookies

19/20 :Pistachio-Baileys shortbread cookies

Chocolate-covered pistachio and Baileys shortbread cookies are so good they're almost addictive.

20 /20: Pistachio Bundt cake

20/20 :Pistachio Bundt cake

Bundt cake gets a makeover in this recipe, which uses Greek yogurt for a moist and tasty treat.