Slow Cooker Sunday: 17 ways Nutella could be waiting for you under that lid

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 24, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Ooey, gooey chocolate-hazelnut spread was practically made for upping your slow cooker game.

1 /17: Slow cooker Nutella lava cakes

1/17 :Slow cooker Nutella lava cakes

Crunchy nuts and pretzels add great texture to these moist Nutella lava cakes.

2 /17: Coconut-Nutella pudding cake

2/17 :Coconut-Nutella pudding cake

Mimic the taste of your favorite candy bar with these coconut-Nutella pudding cakes.

3 /17: Slow cooker Nutella dump cake

3/17 :Slow cooker Nutella dump cake

Slow cooker Nutella dump cake is the ultimate chocolate dessert.

4 /17: Slow cooker Nutella fondue

4/17 :Slow cooker Nutella fondue

Warm up Nutella and cream in your mini slow cooker for a fun and easy dessert.

5 /17: Slow cooker Nutella brownie pudding

5/17 :Slow cooker Nutella brownie pudding

Rich and chocolaty, this slow cooker Nutella brownie chocolate pudding will satisfy your sweet tooth.

6 /17: Nutella crunch cheesecakes

6/17 :Nutella crunch cheesecakes

Crushed Oreos, hazelnuts and chocolate chips add some crunch to these easy slow cooker cheesecakes.

7 /17: Slow cooker Nutella hot chocolate

7/17 :Slow cooker Nutella hot chocolate

Creamy Nutella hot chocolate is party perfect thanks to this slow cooker recipe.

8 /17: Boozy Nutella slow cooker hot chocolate

8/17 :Boozy Nutella slow cooker hot chocolate

Give your slow cooker Nutella hot chocolate an adult flair with a shot of your favorite booze.

9 /17: Slow cooker banana-Nutella cake

9/17 :Slow cooker banana-Nutella cake

Made in the slow cooker, this banana-Nutella cake is moist and chocolaty.

10 /17: Greek yogurt-Nutella cheesecakes

10/17 :Greek yogurt-Nutella cheesecakes

Smooth and creamy Nutella cheesecake is lightened up a bit with a dose of nonfat Greek yogurt.

11 /17: Nutella-banana protein cake

11/17 :Nutella-banana protein cake

Extra protein makes this slow cooker Nutella-banana cake a healthy dessert option.

12 /17: Nutella swirl-chocolate chip pound cake

12/17 :Nutella swirl-chocolate chip pound cake

Slow cooker Nutella swirl-chocolate chip pound cake makes putting a fun dessert together easier than ever.

13 /17: Nutella French toast casserole

13/17 :Nutella French toast casserole

Caramelized bananas add some fruity flair to this slow cooker Nutella French toast casserole.

14 /17: Slow cooker Nutella overnight oats

14/17 :Slow cooker Nutella overnight oats

Cinnamon and Nutella make these overnight slow cooker oats taste anything but boring.

15 /17: Mexican Nutella bread pudding

15/17 :Mexican Nutella bread pudding

Mexican chocolate, Nutella and challah bread make for a totally decadent slow cooker dessert.

16 /17: Chocolate-Nutella bread pudding

16/17 :Chocolate-Nutella bread pudding

Moist, decadent Nutella bread pudding is easy to put together in the slow cooker.

17 /17: Giant slow cooker Nutella scone

17/17 :Giant slow cooker Nutella scone

Make tea snacks for a crowd with this giant slow cooker Nutella scone.