30 Insanely Next-Level Grilled Cheese Recipes to Make on National Cheese Day

by Marnely Rodriguez-Murray
Jun 2, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Image: Michael Shay/Vico Collective/Blend Images/Getty Images

Make every single one of these crazy grilled cheeses for National Cheese Day on June 4 — or just make one and ogle all the grilled cheese food porn. Whatevs.

Originally published April 2016. Updated June 2017.

1 /31: Fried egg grilled cheese

1/31 :Fried egg grilled cheese

The perfect excuse to have a grilled cheese for breakfast

2 /31: Big popper Buffalo chicken and bacon

2/31 :Big popper Buffalo chicken and bacon

Let's start out big with this amazing big popper hot Buffalo chicken and bacon grilled cheese sandwich.

3 /31: Parmesan with prosciutto and pesto

3/31 :Parmesan with prosciutto and pesto

Crusting outside of the bread on a Parmesan-crusted grilled cheese with prosciutto, pesto and tomatoes? Genius.

4 /31: Barbecue chicken

4/31 :Barbecue chicken

This barbecue chicken grilled cheese sandwich reminds us of summer days to come.

5 /31: Pear, bacon and Brie

5/31 :Pear, bacon and Brie

For a classy-looking sandwich, look no further than this pear, bacon and Brie grilled cheese.

6 /31: Roasted tomato caprese

6/31 :Roasted tomato caprese

Roast the tomatoes beforehand for extra flavor in this roasted tomato caprese grilled cheese.

7 /31: Brie, fig and apple

7/31 :Brie, fig and apple

Brie, fig and apple grilled cheese is one of our favorite ways to get our apple a day. 

8 /31: Grilled cheese with broccolini

8/31 :Grilled cheese with broccolini

Can't get your kids to eat their veggies? Try these grilled cheese sandwiches with broccolini.

9 /31: Parmesan-crusted pepperoni pizza sandwich

9/31 :Parmesan-crusted pepperoni pizza sandwich

This amazing Parmesan-crusted pepperoni pizza grilled cheese is sure to be a showstopper.

10 /31: Jalapeño popper

10/31 :Jalapeño popper

Spice up your lunch box with this recipe for a jalapeño popper grilled cheese.

11 /31: Crab and avocado

11/31 :Crab and avocado

Sweet, fresh crab is paired with luscious, creamy avocado to make this crab and avocado grilled cheese a reality.

12 /31: White pizza grilled cheese

12/31 :White pizza grilled cheese

There are lovers of white pizza out there falling head over heels right now for this white pizza grilled cheese recipe.

13 /31: Philly cheesesteak grilled cheese

13/31 :Philly cheesesteak grilled cheese

Philly cheesesteak grilled cheese — the best thing out of Philly since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

14 /31: Guacamole grilled cheese

14/31 :Guacamole grilled cheese

Don't you just want to have a bite of this creamy and cheesy guacamole grilled cheese? We do.

15 /31: Chorizo grilled cheese

15/31 :Chorizo grilled cheese

Spice up your sandwiches with chorizo in this chorizo grilled cheese sandwich

16 /31: Lobster grilled cheese

16/31 :Lobster grilled cheese

Treat yourself. Why not add lobster to your sandwiches like in this amazing lobster grilled cheese sandwich?

17 /31: Crab Rangoon grilled cheese

17/31 :Crab Rangoon grilled cheese

Mmm... Wait one second while we go to the kitchen. We need this crab Rangoon grilled cheese now.

18 /31: Grilled pimento cheese with fried pickles

18/31 :Grilled pimento cheese with fried pickles

Make this grilled pimento cheese with fried pickles with a side of sweet tea for even more Southern love.

19 /31: Mushroom with balsamic onions

19/31 :Mushroom with balsamic onions

Take caramelized onions up a notch with this mushroom grilled cheese with balsamic caramelized onions.

20 /31: Kalbi steak kimchee

20/31 :Kalbi steak kimchee

Kalbi steak kimchee grilled cheese — perfect for the Korean food-lover.

21 /31: Roast beef and smoked gouda

21/31 :Roast beef and smoked gouda

One of our favorite cheeses, Gouda, makes this roast beef and smoked Gouda grilled cheese recipe to die for.

22 /31: Croque Monsieur grilled cheese

22/31 :Croque Monsieur grilled cheese

Croque Monsieur grilled cheese — basically a sandwich topped with a cheese sauce. Amen.

23 /31: Lemon and basil

23/31 :Lemon and basil

This lemon and basil grilled cheese is perfect for when your fresh basil starts sprouting.

24 /31: Apple, leek and Gruyère

24/31 :Apple, leek and Gruyère

There's nothing more classic than apples and leeks, and this apple, leek and Gruyère grilled cheese proves it.

25 /31: Sweet potato and kale

25/31 :Sweet potato and kale

This sweet potato and kale grilled cheese with a big salad is an amazing and tasty lunch idea.

26 /31: Buffalo chicken grilled cheese

26/31 :Buffalo chicken grilled cheese

Indulge tonight with this Buffalo chicken grilled cheese.

27 /31: Brown butter grilled beer cheese

27/31 :Brown butter grilled beer cheese

Brown butter and beer? Count us in to make this brown butter grilled beer cheese sandwich today.

28 /31: Green grilled cheese

28/31 :Green grilled cheese

Sure, this green grilled cheese is super healthy. Right? Right.

29 /31: Chile relleno grilled cheese

29/31 :Chile relleno grilled cheese

Make the classic Mexican dish into an over-the-top chile relleno grilled cheese sandwich.

30 /31: Avocado and bacon

30/31 :Avocado and bacon

Simple ingredients are the best, so this avocado and bacon grilled cheese is the last but not the least.

31 /31: Pin it: 30 grilled cheese recipes

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31/31 :Pin it: 30 grilled cheese recipes

Save these recipes, and enjoy grilled cheese all month long.