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Kim Kardashian, BB8, and 28 other things we never thought we’d see as Rice Krispie treats

The latest example of ordinary food being turned into extraordinary works of art comes from New York creative writing student Jessica Siskin, who can fashion pretty much anything out of Rice Krispies.

Going by the name of Misterkrisp, Siskin started experimenting with the popular breakfast cereal three years ago, and since then has produced everything from Homer Simpson to a Chanel handbag. 

“When I realized that food coloring could be added to the side-of-the-box recipe, I felt an immediate and overwhelming impulse to make a Rice Krispies Treats cheeseburger,” Siskin wrote on her website. “I’m weird like that. When I put all of the pieces together I screamed out loud — it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. None of my neighbors came to check on me.

“I’m inspired by my previous career in fashion, everything pop culture, the Internet and the library of emojis that are slowly eliminating the need for traditional expressive language.” 

Tempted to order your own custom-made Rice Krispie creation? Check these out for inspiration.  


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