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18 sushi pies for when you just can’t get enough raw fish

We’re only just getting our heads around the revelation that is sushi burgers, and now the sushi lovers of Instagram have gone and taken it one step further. The sushi pie is officially a thing. 

Before all you pie purists start protesting, we know it’s not a real pie. But in want of a better term, sushi pies are popping up on the tables of lovers of cold rice, raw fish and vegetables all over the place.

Made of circular layers of rice and fish, the sushi pie looks impressive (in most cases). But when it comes to actually eating the thing, we’re yet to be convinced. Everyone knows you can’t eat sushi with a knife and fork, so how the hell do you tuck into a sushi pie? Pick off each grain of rice with chopsticks? Bring back the nori rolls, please.

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