18 Ways to ferment produce this spring

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 13, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Give your produce a probiotic boost with these tasty, tangy fermented foods.

1 /18: Fermented jalapeños

1/18 :Fermented jalapeños

Spicy fermented jalapeño pickles add some life to tacos, dips, salads and pizza.

2 /18: Fermented radish tops and radishes

2/18 :Fermented radish tops and radishes

Fermented radishes and their tops make for an unexpected side dish.

3 /18: Green chili lemon Indian pickle

3/18 :Green chili lemon Indian pickle

Spicy and fragrant with spices, this Indian pickled relish will liven up every meal.

4 /18: Spicy kimchi

4/18 :Spicy kimchi

You'll need a few special ingredients to make this cabbage kimchi, but the effort is so worth it.

5 /18: Pickled asparagus

5/18 :Pickled asparagus

Herbs and aromatics flavor the brine of these asparagus pickles, perfect for spring produce.

6 /18: Fermented pineapple salsa

6/18 :Fermented pineapple salsa

Make your snack time a little healthier by serving this probiotic-rich fermented pineapple salsa.

7 /18: Spicy fermented radish pickles

7/18 :Spicy fermented radish pickles

Habanero chilies add a spicy punch to these fermented radish pickles.

8 /18: Pickled green tomatoes

8/18 :Pickled green tomatoes

Add some oomph to your sandwiches with a few of these pickled green tomatoes.

9 /18: Fermented beets

9/18 :Fermented beets

Piled on burgers or served alongside chops, these fermented beets add color and flavor to any dish.

10 /18: Burmese fermented green tea salad

10/18 :Burmese fermented green tea salad

A fermented green tea salad dressing brings this Burmese salad (or any fresh veggies) to life.

11/18 :Dilly beans

Classic pickled green beans are a great way to preserve fresh produce.

12 /18: Carrot pickles

12/18 :Carrot pickles

Bright orange carrots make for pretty probiotic pickles.

13 /18: Russian pickled cherry tomatoes

13/18 :Russian pickled cherry tomatoes

Sweet-tart pickled cherry tomatoes are utterly snackable — they'll be gone before you know it.

14 /18: Red jalapeño hot sauce

14/18 :Red jalapeño hot sauce

Fruity, peppery red jalapeños make for a tangy, lively hot sauce once fermented.

15 /18: Beet, radish and turnip pickles

15/18 :Beet, radish and turnip pickles

Springtime root vegetables become crispy, perfect pickles when fermented for at least three days.

16 /18: Red cabbage sauerkraut

16/18 :Red cabbage sauerkraut

Vibrant red cabbage sauerkraut is a healthy (and tasty) addition to almost any meal.

17 /18: Golden sauerkraut

17/18 :Golden sauerkraut

Turmeric and carrots give this fermented cabbage sauerkraut a golden hue.

18 /18: Sweet and sour cinnamon apples

18/18 :Sweet and sour cinnamon apples

Paired with everything from pork to oatmeal, these apples give an unexpected kick to your meal.