23 Thai dishes you can make at home

by Justina Huddleston
Apr 12, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. ET

Thanks to these recipes and Thai staples, you can skip delivery and make your favorite Thai food at home.

1 /23: Shrimp pad thai

1/23 :Shrimp pad thai

This popular stir-fried noodle dish is a favorite for a reason. Try it for yourself.

2 /23: Thai iced tea

2/23 :Thai iced tea

Strong black tea served with sweetened condensed milk, this drink is perfect with spicy food.

3 /23: Pad kra pao gai

3/23 :Pad kra pao gai

Thai basil chicken stir-fry is a fragrant, fairly simple dish to pull together.

4 /23: Thai chicken and veggie yellow curry

4/23 :Thai chicken and veggie yellow curry

Stewed veggies, chicken and pineapple in a spicy yellow curry sauce couldn't be tastier.

5 /23: Khao soi curry noodles

5/23 :Khao soi curry noodles

A northern Thai specialty, hearty khao soi will warm you from the inside out.

6 /23: Thai lettuce wraps

6/23 :Thai lettuce wraps

Crunchy lettuce wraps served with ginger lime satay sauce are a fun way to get your vegetarian Thai fix.

7 /23: 15-minute Thai chili coconut mussels

7/23 :15-minute Thai chili coconut mussels

Mussels cooked with Thai essentials are a quick, deceptively easy meal.

8 /23: Thai green curry paste

8/23 :Thai green curry paste

Keep a jar of this green curry paste around to give everything a boost of Thai flavor.

9 /23: Thai green curry chicken

9/23 :Thai green curry chicken

Flavorful Thai green curry broth takes humble chicken to a whole new level.

10 /23: Thai cashew chicken stir-fry

10/23 :Thai cashew chicken stir-fry

Served atop a bed of lemongrass-infused brown rice, this cashew stir-fry will more than satisfy.

11 /23: Chicken larb

11/23 :Chicken larb

Ground chicken seasoned with lemongrass, chiles and lime makes for a delicious, meaty salad.

12 /23: Thai green papaya salad

12/23 :Thai green papaya salad

Shredded green papaya (sub unripe mango if need be) is the star of this refreshingly light salad.

13 /23: Pomelo salad

13/23 :Pomelo salad

Citrusy, savory, sour and salty, this pomelo salad is a riot of textures and flavors.

14 /23: Sticky Thai chicken thighs

14/23 :Sticky Thai chicken thighs

Lemongrass and chili give this easy chicken thighs recipe a Thai flavor you won't forget.

15 /23: Tom yum gai

15/23 :Tom yum gai

Thai sweet and sour soup with chicken is an explosively flavorful dish for dull days.

16 /23: Thai shrimp stir-fry with tomatoes and basil

16/23 :Thai shrimp stir-fry with tomatoes and basil

Thai food doesn't get easier than this simple shrimp and veggie stir-fry.

17 /23: Thai BBQ chicken

17/23 :Thai BBQ chicken

Marinated in spiced coconut milk sweetened with brown sugar, Thai bbq chicken will be your new fave.

18 /23: Thai peanut noodles with grilled chicken

18/23 :Thai peanut noodles with grilled chicken

Noodles coated in a creamy peanut sauce, topped with grilled chicken and cucumbers, makes a tasty meal.

19 /23: Thai mango sticky rice

19/23 :Thai mango sticky rice

Jazz up your usual dessert menu with this Thai mango sticky rice recipe.

20 /23: Thai sweet potato yellow curry

20/23 :Thai sweet potato yellow curry

Thai yellow curry on the table in 30 minutes or less? Sounds good to me!

21 /23: Pad see ew

21/23 :Pad see ew

Savory noodles, slick with a slightly sweet, salty oyster sauce, make for a satisfying meal.

22 /23: Thai grilled pork with nam jim jaew

22/23 :Thai grilled pork with nam jim jaew

A popular street food in Thailand, the sauce is the star of this grilled pork dish.

23 /23: Easy Thai salmon

23/23 :Easy Thai salmon

Red curry gives these salmon filets tons of Thai flavor, and they cook up in just minutes.