23 April Fools' Day food pranks that won't spoil your appetite

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 29, 2016 at 12:18 p.m. ET

Make your April Fools' Day even more fun with these food pranks.

1 /23: Hamburger cupcakes, sugar cookie fries

1/23 :Hamburger cupcakes, sugar cookie fries

Make dessert a two-course affair with these hamburger cupcakes and sugar cookie fries.

2 /23: Nacho cupcakes

2/23 :Nacho cupcakes

Mini cupcakes topped with cinnamon tortilla chips look so much like nachos, even you might be fooled.

3 /23: Kitty litter cake

3/23 :Kitty litter cake

Only the bravest diners will dare to try this kitty litter cake, made from cake and Tootsie Rolls.

4 /23: Broccoli cookies

4/23 :Broccoli cookies

Burnt broccoli is on the menu for April Fools' dessert — luckily it's actually a chocolate cookie treat.

5 /23: Corn on the cob cakes

5/23 :Corn on the cob cakes

Corn on the cob, or cupcakes? Trick your friends and family with this fun recipe.

6 /23: Cheesecake mashed potato bites

6/23 :Cheesecake mashed potato bites

Caramel "gravy" makes these cheesecake mashed potato bites look totally realistic.

7 /23: Jell-O worms

7/23 :Jell-O worms

Convince your family that you've gone mad by serving them a bowl of worms for dessert.

8 /23: Popcorn cupcakes

8/23 :Popcorn cupcakes

Mini cupcakes topped with marshmallows look just like mini buckets of popcorn.

9 /23: Fried chicken dinner

9/23 :Fried chicken dinner

Fool everyone with these ultra-realistic, KFC-inspired desserts.

10 /23: Pancake cookies

10/23 :Pancake cookies

Breakfast for dinner? More like dessert for breakfast. These pancake cookies will keep 'em guessing.

11 /23: Meatloaf cake

11/23 :Meatloaf cake

Make an entire cake out of meatloaf. The carnivores in your family will be glad it's April 1!

12 /23: Peanut butter potstickers

12/23 :Peanut butter potstickers

Served with chocolate syrup, these peanut butter potstickers will fool everyone.

13 /23: Sweet sunny-side up eggs

13/23 :Sweet sunny-side up eggs

They're not savory, but these lemon curd and meringue sweets are made with a lot of eggs.

14 /23: Cookie sliders

14/23 :Cookie sliders

Serve these cookie sliders with a tall glass of milk for an epic April Fools' snack.

15 /23: Cocktail weenie cookies

15/23 :Cocktail weenie cookies

Marzipan and sugar cookie dough are all you need to make these cunning cocktail weenie look-alikes.

16 /23: Cookies and candy cheese plate

16/23 :Cookies and candy cheese plate

A cheese plate made of cookies and candy will have your diners rolling on the floor with laughter.

17 /23: Pulled pork cinnamon rolls

17/23 :Pulled pork cinnamon rolls

They may not be sweet, but pork rolls would still make a great breakfast.

18 /23: Cupcakes on the half shell

18/23 :Cupcakes on the half shell

I'm sure kids will be relieved to find out that these baked scallops are actually made from cake.

19 /23: Undrinkable drinks

19/23 :Undrinkable drinks

Imagine how surprised everyone will be when they go to take a sip of juice — only to find it's Jell-O!

20 /23: April Fools' Day lunch

20/23 :April Fools' Day lunch

Add some fun to your kids' day with an April Fools' Day lunchbox.

21 /23: Spaghetti for dessert

21/23 :Spaghetti for dessert

A hidden slice of cake is draped with strands of frosting spaghetti, jam sauce and no-bake cookie balls.

22 /23: Pizza cake

22/23 :Pizza cake

Pizza night will turn into dessert thanks to this deep-dish pizza cake.

23 /23: Meatloaf cupcakes

23/23 :Meatloaf cupcakes

Serve these meatloaf cupcakes topped with mashed potatoes, and watch as they take their first bite.