Taco Tuesday: 19 fresh and simple fish tacos

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 22, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Give your Taco Tuesday a healthy makeover with these fresh and simple fish taco recipes.

1 /19: Spicy green mahimahi tacos

1/19 :Spicy green mahimahi tacos

Marinated in cilantro, jalapeño, lime juice and garlic, this mahimahi will make your tacos sing.

2 /19: Cajun fish tacos

2/19 :Cajun fish tacos

Well-spiced Cajun fish paired with crema and homemade or store-bought salsa makes for a mean taco.

3 /19: Fish tacos with creamy lime dressing

3/19 :Fish tacos with creamy lime dressing

Tangy, creamy lime dressing tops these juicy grilled fish tacos.

4 /19: Blackened cocoa fish tacos

4/19 :Blackened cocoa fish tacos

A cocoa spice blend made with ingredients you already have gives these fish tacos a flavor boost.

5 /19: Pineapple-mango mahimahi tacos

5/19 :Pineapple-mango mahimahi tacos

Tart and sweet tropical fruit salsa is a match made in heaven for chunks of mahimahi in these tacos.

6 /19: Tequila-lime fish tacos

6/19 :Tequila-lime fish tacos

Citrus tequila-marinated fish makes for fresh and flavorful tacos.

7 /19: Grilled fish tacos

7/19 :Grilled fish tacos

Grilled mahimahi and a chunky avocado-tomato salsa give these tacos unbeatable fresh flavor.

8 /19: Fish tacos with lime-cilantro crema

8/19 :Fish tacos with lime-cilantro crema

Flaky whitefish and a simple crema make for a satisfying taco in this recipe.

9 /19: 20-minute lettuce wrap fish tacos

9/19 :20-minute lettuce wrap fish tacos

Paired with kiwi-mango salsa, these lettuce wrap fish tacos come together in just 20 minutes.

10 /19: Pink fish tacos

10/19 :Pink fish tacos

A choice of two simple toppings makes these simple tilapia tacos still feel like a treat.

11 /19: Blackened fish tacos

11/19 :Blackened fish tacos

Flaky spiced fish fillets topped with spicy fruit salsa make for a fun dinner in this taco recipe.

12 /19: Asian-style grilled fish tacos

12/19 :Asian-style grilled fish tacos

Crunchy cabbage slaw and an Asian-style dressing breathe life into these simple fish tacos.

13 /19: Vegan fish tacos with salsa verde

13/19 :Vegan fish tacos with salsa verde

Frozen vegan fish tenders get a makeover in this taco recipe with creamy avocado salsa verde.

14 /19: Tilapia tacos

14/19 :Tilapia tacos

Sriracha aioli gives these simple tilapia tacos a kick.

15 /19: Salmon tacos with avocado pico de gallo

15/19 :Salmon tacos with avocado pico de gallo

Chopped avocado and tomatoes make a fresh and simple salsa for these salmon tacos.

16 /19: Spicy fish tacos with corn salsa

16/19 :Spicy fish tacos with corn salsa

Corn salsa and avocado crema give these spicy fish tacos a colorful, nutritious flavor boost.

17 /19: Fish tacos with wilted cabbage

17/19 :Fish tacos with wilted cabbage

Simply adorned with wilted cabbage, tomato and avocado, this fish taco recipe is a winner.

18 /19: Halibut tacos with mango salsa

18/19 :Halibut tacos with mango salsa

Mango salsa adds brightness to these simple sautéed halibut tacos.

19 /19: Chipotle fish tacos with pineapple salsa

19/19 :Chipotle fish tacos with pineapple salsa

Fruity peach-pineapple salsa paired with smoky chipotle fish make these dynamic tacos a treat.