15 grill-able dinner ideas for your next camping trip

by Julie Sprankles
May 2, 2016 at 1:00 a.m. ET

The weather is finally warming up, and you know what that means — camping season is upon us! There's no better time than now to plan a weekend excursion in the great outdoors and show off your campfire cooking skills. Need ideas? Serve up one of these delicious grill-able dinners during your next camping trip to wow your crowd. 

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1 /15: Hobo dinner

1/15 :Hobo dinner

Hobo dinners are a campfire classic for a reason — they're easy, hearty and delicious.

2 /15: Salmon skewers with garlic and Dijon

2/15 :Salmon skewers with garlic and Dijon

Make salmon kid-friendly by kebob-ing it! Just prep your marinade and lemon slices ahead to save time.

3 /15: Curly dog

3/15 :Curly dog

Consisting of only hot dogs and crescent rolls, curly dogs are cheap, easy and kids will love 'em!

4 /15: Grilled flank steak

4/15 :Grilled flank steak

Turn your camping into glam-ping by making flavorful grilled flank steak with a crunchy sweet corn and radish salad.

5 /15: Foil sweet potato tacos

5/15 :Foil sweet potato tacos

This delicious dish packs the ingredients for sweet potato tacos into a convenient foil ready for the grill. 

6 /15: Dutch oven BBQ chicken and potatoes

6/15 :Dutch oven BBQ chicken and potatoes

Um, I'll take three bowls of this dreamy BBQ Dutch oven chicken and potatoes ASAP, please. 

7 /15: Bacon-wrapped shrimp with chipotle slaw

7/15 :Bacon-wrapped shrimp with chipotle slaw

If you love summer and you love BBQ, these bacon-wrapped shrimp and dip skewers are right up your alley. 

8 /15: Potato boats

8/15 :Potato boats

Layers of ham, cheese and bacon take these yummy potato boats to the next level. 

9 /15: Grilled Sriracha honey wings

9/15 :Grilled Sriracha honey wings

With only six simple ingredients, these grilled Sriracha honey wings are foolproof and finger-lickin' good.

10 /15: Grilled fish on pineapple bark

10/15 :Grilled fish on pineapple bark

By cooking fish between pineapple bark, the juices marinate the meat. File this under majorly clever! 

11 /15: Steak kebabs

11/15 :Steak kebabs

If you're looking for something healthy and flavorful, you can't go wrong with grilled steak and veggie kebabs.

12 /15: Pepperoni pizza grilled cheese

12/15 :Pepperoni pizza grilled cheese

Who doesn't love pizza? Or grilled cheese? Pizza grilled cheese is the perfect marriage of two faves.

13/15 :Mexican street corn

Make this Mexican street corn's cotija cheese and smoked paprika spread ahead of time to prevent spoiling. 

14 /15: Campfire Philly cheesesteak sandwich

14/15 :Campfire Philly cheesesteak sandwich

Gooey mozzarella, sliced onion and pepper, and roast beef in French bread? Excuse me while I drool. 

15 /15: Cajun foil packet grill

15/15 :Cajun foil packet grill

This Cajun foil packet's combo of sausage, corn and potatoes offers a little something for everyone.