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Jessica Biel’s Au Fudge restaurant is a dream for both kids and adults

Imagine a restaurant that will excite and delight both children and parents. Where kids can roam free on the patio, in the playroom (yes, playroom) and arcade while their moms and dads enjoy an honest-to-goodness cocktail in a lovely, peaceful setting. Your dreamy Friday night is here (assuming you live in California): Jessica Biel is co-founder of Au Fudge, a dining experience in West Hollywood. And we had a chance to talk with her business partner, Kimberly Muller, who has been fantasizing about the concept since childhood and is the author of the upcoming book The Story of Au Fudge

“I read a lot as a kid and I loved to escape into the imaginary worlds that authors created,” Muller says. “Within the pages of books there were always elements of surprise and absurdities and magic. Au Fudge has all that; secret bookcases and outrageous desserts arriving to the table in a bathtub. The magic simply comes from seeing it all through the eyes of a child when all is filled with wonderment. The book of Au Fudge sets the stage for the Au Fudge experience.”

Ready to explore Biel and Muller’s little slice of heaven? 

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