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13 doughnut ice cream cones that make us want to move to Prague


SheKnows Editorial

Move over, puffle cone. There’s a new ice cream cone in town: the doughnut cone. You start with a pastry known as a chimney cake (or trdelník) that’s wrapped over a metal form to create a hollow cone. The cone is then coated with cinnamon and sugar, lined with Nutella or jam and filled to the brim with soft serve ice cream.

Hop on a plane, and you can get the doughnut cone at Good Food: Coffee and Bakery in Prague. Then you can enjoy one of the best-looking desserts in the world while strolling through one of the prettiest cities on the planet. Or, you know, you could write a letter to Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel and beg him to make doughnut cones a thing in the USA.

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