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56 Vegetarian Recipes So Filling You Won’t Miss the Meat

What a year, amirite? On top of all the changes we’re currently dealing with, now there’s an impending meat shortage to worry about too. According to the USDA, shortages of pork, poultry and beef loom as factories struggle to operate at 60 percent of their capacity and farmers struggle to stay in business. What are meat-loving families supposed to do? Well, first, you may want to stock up on your favorite cuts of meat now while supplies last. Second, now may be the perfect time to finally try some of those vegetarian recipes you’ve had saved to Pinterest for years.

I know, it can seem daunting but trust us, these vegetarian recipes are so tasty, even carnivores will devour them. You’re probably side-eyeing us right now; we can practically hear you muttering “sure, Jan” under your breath, so allow us to explain. Take lasagna, for example. Doesn’t a lasagna made with layers of veggies, pasta and a creamy béchamel sauce sound good to you? Or how about a Southwest quinoa bake made with quinoa, black beans and enchilada sauce, topped with avocado slices and a drizzle of sriracha?

We’re willing to bet once you’ve tried some of these recipes, you and your family won’t even notice the meat is missing.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2016.

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