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10 Most Searched-For Super Bowl Recipes

The Super Bowl comes around every year, but somehow, we always forget to make a plan for the party food until the very last minute. Then it’s, “What dips should I make? How many bags of chips should I buy? Where did we store that cooler for beer and soda?” 

Well, here’s one thing you won’t have to do: search for the most popular Super Bowl recipes. We checked the search trends and found them for you. These recipes are all the favorites you (and all your party guests) have come to love. 

There’s a reason everyone’s on the hunt for these football party classics: They’re frickin’ delicious. Who can turn down an excellent guacamole, a tasty chili or a Buffalo chicken dip? Nobody, that’s who. Get your shopping list together and get ready for some delicious snackage.

A version of this article was originally published in February 2016. 

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