25 boozy milkshakes that push decadence to a whole new level

by Karen Miner
Feb 18, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Whether it's a holiday or just Saturday afternoon, there's a boozy shake for the occasion.

1 /25: Boozy caramel apple milkshake

1/25 :Boozy caramel apple milkshake

Not only is a shake way easier to eat than a caramel apple, it's way more delicious.

2 /25: Boozy strawberry shortcake milkshake

2/25 :Boozy strawberry shortcake milkshake

It's like strawberry ice cream, only way better.

3 /25: Boozy chocolate chip cookie shake

3/25 :Boozy chocolate chip cookie shake

Why mess with flour, baking powder and eggs when you can have drinkable chocolate chip cookies?

4 /25: Boozy s'mores shake

4/25 :Boozy s'mores shake

No campfire needed for this version of the classic gooey treat.

5 /25: Boozy raspberry-cocoa shake

5/25 :Boozy raspberry-cocoa shake

Kick up your raspberry shake with a shot of cocoa coffee liqueur.

6 /25: Boozy tiramisu shake

6/25 :Boozy tiramisu shake

Enjoy your favorite Italian dessert without all the fuss.

7 /25: Boozy Key lime pie shake

7/25 :Boozy Key lime pie shake

Tart and refreshing, this milkshake is a delicious take on the classic frozen pie.

8 /25: Irish coffee milkshake

8/25 :Irish coffee milkshake

Swap out your flavored creamer for the real thing. Good morning!

9 /25: Boozy creamsicle shake

9/25 :Boozy creamsicle shake

If you loved 50/50 bars, this creamy spiked milkshake is for you.

10 /25: Boozy maple bacon doughnut shake

10/25 :Boozy maple bacon doughnut shake

We took Voodoo Doughnut's decadent creation and made it even better with a little booze.

11 /25: Boozy blueberry muffin milkshake

11/25 :Boozy blueberry muffin milkshake

There's actually a blueberry muffin in this shake... that makes it healthy, right?

12 /25: Drunken cherry milkshake

12/25 :Drunken cherry milkshake

Fresh cherries and Grand Marnier are a match made in heaven.

13 /25: Drunken strawberry cherry orange shake

13/25 :Drunken strawberry cherry orange shake

Cointreau gives this milkshake a hint of orange flavor.

14 /25: Coffee liqueur milkshake

14/25 :Coffee liqueur milkshake

Blended coffee is a real treat, especially with a little extra kick.

15 /25: Boozy banana split milkshake

15/25 :Boozy banana split milkshake

Why eat your banana split when you can drink it?

16 /25: Boozy pink lemonade shake

16/25 :Boozy pink lemonade shake

You probably won't find these being sold at the lemonade stand.

17 /25: King cake-inspired boozy milkshake

17/25 :King cake-inspired boozy milkshake

Skip the hurricane, and reach for this luscious shake instead. Bourbon Street, take note.

18 /25: Boozy red velvet shake

18/25 :Boozy red velvet shake

Pull out all the stops for a romantic cocktail with a red velvet shake made with homemade ice cream.

19 /25: Boozy shamrock shake

19/25 :Boozy shamrock shake

Feel the luck of the Irish with one sip of this minty green libation.

20 /25: Boozy Peeps milkshake

20/25 :Boozy Peeps milkshake

By far the best use of Peeps ever.

21 /25: Boozy firecracker shake

21/25 :Boozy firecracker shake

Literally feel the firecrackers in your mouth with this Pop Rocks-infused milkshake.

22 /25: Boozy pumpkin pie milkshake

22/25 :Boozy pumpkin pie milkshake

Even pumpkin pie haters will adore this boozy take on the holiday classic.

23 /25: Boozy chocolate-peppermint shake

23/25 :Boozy chocolate-peppermint shake

Cozy up with one of these peppermint-infused shakes, and sip your worries away next holiday season.

24 /25: Spiked eggnog milkshake

24/25 :Spiked eggnog milkshake

Spiked eggnog is nothing new, but these eggnog shakes are the ultimate holiday treat.

25 /25: Inaugural boozy milkshake

25/25 :Inaugural boozy milkshake

Sip on this patriotic shake while you watch the president take his oath.