35 time-saving recipes brought to you by rotisserie chicken

by Justina Huddleston
Mar 31, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. ET

One secret to getting healthy, satisfying meals on the table without losing your mind over it? Rotisserie chicken.

1 /35: Healthy barbecue chicken salad

1/35 :Healthy barbecue chicken salad

Barbecued chicken makes this salad a healthy and delicious option for lunch or dinner.

2 /35: Easy orange chicken noodle stir-fry

2/35 :Easy orange chicken noodle stir-fry

Making a stir-fry for dinner is even easier when using rotisserie chicken to bulk it up.

3 /35: Lemony chicken soup with orzo

3/35 :Lemony chicken soup with orzo

Lemony chicken soup comes together in a fraction of the time when using rotisserie chicken.

4 /35: Buffalo chicken dip

4/35 :Buffalo chicken dip

Spicy, tangy Buffalo chicken dip is so good you'll want it as your entrée.

5 /35: Buffalo chicken pasta salad

5/35 :Buffalo chicken pasta salad

Boring pasta salad gets a spicy makeover with this Buffalo chicken recipe.

6 /35: Curried chicken salad wrap

6/35 :Curried chicken salad wrap

Curried chicken salad is a cinch to put together thanks to the rotisserie.

7 /35: Papaya and chicken spring rolls

7/35 :Papaya and chicken spring rolls

Papaya and cucumber give these chicken spring rolls a bright, fresh flavor.

8 /35: Easy chicken Caesar salad pizza

8/35 :Easy chicken Caesar salad pizza

Change things up on your next pizza night with this chicken Caesar salad pie.

9 /35: Easy chicken Waldorf salad

9/35 :Easy chicken Waldorf salad

Crunchy, sweet and savory Waldorf salad is easier to make than ever thanks to rotisserie chicken.

10 /35: Rotisserie Thai chicken wrap

10/35 :Rotisserie Thai chicken wrap

Peanut sauce, crunchy vegetables and rotisserie chicken make these wraps ultra satisfying.

11 /35: Quick chicken Marsala

11/35 :Quick chicken Marsala

A fancy dish like chicken Marsala is easy to pull off with a rotisserie chicken.

12 /35: Chicken, pear and pine nut salad

12/35 :Chicken, pear and pine nut salad

Sweet pears and crunchy pine nuts are the perfect way to elevate a simple rotisserie chicken salad.

13 /35: Citrus barbecue sliders

13/35 :Citrus barbecue sliders

Rotisserie chicken makes easy work of this party-perfect barbecue sliders recipe.

14 /35: Chipotle quinoa salad with chicken

14/35 :Chipotle quinoa salad with chicken

Whip up this salad, which gets a double punch of protein from chicken and quinoa, in a jiffy.

15 /35: Italian chicken salad

15/35 :Italian chicken salad

Spoon onto toast, scoop up with crackers, or serve this Italian chicken salad with greens.

16 /35: Rotisserie chicken tacos

16/35 :Rotisserie chicken tacos

Taco night is a lot tastier when you ditch the box in favor of these rotisserie chicken tacos.

17 /35: BBQ chicken quesadillas

17/35 :BBQ chicken quesadillas

Load up your quesadillas with barbecue rotisserie chicken for a filling snack or fun meal.

18 /35: Banh mi

18/35 :Banh mi

Rotisserie chicken banh mi sandwiches are a fun dinner option that takes just a few minutes to prepare.

19 /35: Shredded Buffalo chicken sliders

19/35 :Shredded Buffalo chicken sliders

Shredded Buffalo chicken sliders are perfect for parties and easier than they look.

20 /35: Cheesy chicken-stuffed French bread

20/35 :Cheesy chicken-stuffed French bread

Make a fun appetizer or movie night snack by stuffing French bread with cheesy, ranch-dressed chicken.

21 /35: White chicken lasagna roll-ups

21/35 :White chicken lasagna roll-ups

You can make a surprisingly elegant meal, like these white lasagna roll-ups, with rotisserie chicken.

22 /35: Hoisin chicken noodle wraps

22/35 :Hoisin chicken noodle wraps

Rotisserie chicken, rice noodles and veggies stuff these yummy hoisin wraps.

23 /35: Southwest chicken taquitos

23/35 :Southwest chicken taquitos

Crispy Southwestern taquitos are simpler than you'd think when you use rotisserie chicken.

24 /35: One-pot chicken and dumplings

24/35 :One-pot chicken and dumplings

Get this comfort food on the table in under 30 minutes thanks to rotisserie chicken.

25 /35: Warm Thai chicken salad

25/35 :Warm Thai chicken salad

Rotisserie chicken and a creamy ginger dressing make this salad entrée worthy.

26 /35: Sriracha chicken fried rice

26/35 :Sriracha chicken fried rice

Spicy Sriracha fried rice is faster than takeout when you use rotisserie chicken.

27 /35: Celery and fennel soup with chicken

27/35 :Celery and fennel soup with chicken

Creamy celery and fennel soup is extra hearty when you add rotisserie chicken.

28 /35: Baked chicken enchiladas

28/35 :Baked chicken enchiladas

Rotisserie chicken makes putting together these baked enchiladas a total breeze.

29 /35: Bangalore chicken curry

29/35 :Bangalore chicken curry

Trying new foods like this Bangalore chicken curry is easy when using rotisserie chicken.

30 /35: Chinese chicken salad

30/35 :Chinese chicken salad

Crispy wonton crisps add fun texture to this tasty Chinese chicken salad.

31 /35: Grilled BBQ chicken pizza

31/35 :Grilled BBQ chicken pizza

It's easy to make this flavor-packed grilled pizza when you have rotisserie chicken on hand.

32 /35: Chicken-stuffed acorn squash

32/35 :Chicken-stuffed acorn squash

Jazzed-up stuffing mix and a rotisserie chicken make quick work of this fancy-seeming squash.

33 /35: Rotisserie chicken Cuban sandwiches

33/35 :Rotisserie chicken Cuban sandwiches

Rotisserie chicken makes at-home Cuban sandwiches a possibility, no takeout required.

34 /35: Rotisserie chicken potpies

34/35 :Rotisserie chicken potpies

Potpie can be a weeknight meal when you save time by using rotisserie chicken.

35 /35: Baked Italian chicken casserole

35/35 :Baked Italian chicken casserole

Jazz up your store-bought rotisserie chicken in this easy baked Italian casserole.