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27 Creative Buffalo Sauce Recipes That Have Nothing to Do With Wings

Just picture it: a plate of wings drenched in Buffalo sauce sits on the table in front of you. You reach to pick one up, your fingers now covered in the glorious, spicy sauce. It’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful sights (and experiences) on a Friday night, and when paired with an ice-cold beer, you have a match made in heaven.

Now imagine taking that Buffalo sauce and elevating it. Have you ever used it to make chicken meatballs? Or poured it into your a meatloaf mixture? Or how about giving your homemade breadsticks a spicy kick? It’s such a versatile sauce, and there are plenty of creative ways to use it, and yet we’re all so stuck on the idea that the only possible dish that’s worthy of Buffalo sauce is a pile of wings.

Let’s forever change that. Check out these 27 recipes that prove there’s way more to Buffalo sauce than bar food.

A version of this article was originally published in January 2016.

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