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18 Surprisingly Low-Cal Cocktails to Sip While You Stay Home & Try to Relax This Week

Thanks to Coronavirus, lots of people are going to be canceling their brunch plans and staying at home instead. Disney Parks and Universal Studios are closing, airlines are offering refunds for flights and health officials are urging everyone to practice social distancing in order to keep as many people as possible healthy. So if you were planning on hitting up the gym after your bacon-filled breakfast with two mimosas, you’re probably going to have to change your meal and exercise plan.

People may be looking for lighter fare to nosh on while they’re cooped up indoors and that includes low-cal cocktails. Because they often contain multiple fruit juices and syrups, cocktails can rack up the calories pretty quickly without you even realizing it but luckily, there are lots of low-cal options too. A classic gin and tonic is probably one of the most famous low-cal cocktails and there are lots of fun variations you can play with to add new flavors to an old classic. There are lots of fun new drinks you’ve probably never tried too! Ever heard of a celery and cilantro sparkler? We didn’t think so. Browse through some of the tasty cocktails ahead and try to remain as stress-free as possible this weekend.

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