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The Taco Cleanse: 11 Easy ways to make your tacos fit the bill

New year, new you, right? You may be tempted to tackle one of the oodles of “cleanses” that go viral every January, but if the thought of a juice cleanse just makes you hungry, we have good news — the Taco Cleanse is here to save your day.

Four self-proclaimed “taco scientists” developed an amazing book chock-full of vegan taco recipes, turning their love of all things taco into the hottest food trend this side of New Year’s Eve. Tacos all day, every day? This is a cleanse we can fully get behind.

Their expertly crafted parody of the “cleanse” craze actually has excellent reviews, and good news — you can incorporate the vegan elements of the Taco Cleanse into your next Mexican-inspired dinner on taco night with these easy swaps. 

Hey, if you’re going to eat tacos for every meal, you might as well make them a little healthier. 

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