Taco Tuesday: 21 Healthier taco recipes that won't wreck your resolutions

by Justina Huddleston
Jan 5, 2016 at 8:45 a.m. ET

Healthy eating doesn't mean ditching your favorite foods — these taco recipes are the perfect examples.

1 /21: Grilled salmon tacos with avocado salsa

1/21 :Grilled salmon tacos with avocado salsa

Heart-healthy grilled salmon along with avocado salsa make this taco recipe a nutritional powerhouse.

2 /21: Loaded crispy tofu tacos

2/21 :Loaded crispy tofu tacos

These crispy tofu tacos are a healthy alternative when you're craving fried fish or chicken. 

3 /21: Jamaican jerk chicken tacos

3/21 :Jamaican jerk chicken tacos

Spicy Jamaican jerk chicken tacos will awaken your taste buds like no other.

4 /21: Salmon tacos with avocado coleslaw

4/21 :Salmon tacos with avocado coleslaw

The lively flavor of these healthy chili-orange salmon tacos will have you reaching for seconds.

5 /21: Loaded guacamole vegetarian tacos

5/21 :Loaded guacamole vegetarian tacos

Guacamole, loaded with the good stuff, is tasty enough to be the star of these healthy vegetarian tacos.

6 /21: Chipotle shrimp tacos

6/21 :Chipotle shrimp tacos

Smoky chipotle shrimp is a totally crave-worthy filling in this healthier take on tacos.

7 /21: Low-carb carrot shell tacos

7/21 :Low-carb carrot shell tacos

You can feel better about what's in your taco when you ditch the refined flour and use carrot tortillas instead.

8 /21: Grilled tilapia tacos with mango and slaw

8/21 :Grilled tilapia tacos with mango and slaw

Sweet mango and a tangy slaw will make these healthy grilled tilapia tacos a fast favorite. 

9 /21: Funky green tacos

9/21 :Funky green tacos

Healthy eating doesn't get more fun than these vibrant green tacos.

10 /21: Lentil tacos

10/21 :Lentil tacos

Sometimes healthy swaps are as simple as using lentils instead of beef, like in this tasty taco recipe.

11 /21: Roasted cauliflower and chickpea tacos

11/21 :Roasted cauliflower and chickpea tacos

Roasted cauliflower and chickpeas give these healthy tacos heft — you won't leave the table hungry.

12 /21: Mojito lime mahimahi tacos

12/21 :Mojito lime mahimahi tacos

Zesty mojito seasoning makes these mahimahi tacos something to rave about. 

13 /21: Paleo Bang Bang shrimp tacos

13/21 :Paleo Bang Bang shrimp tacos

Shrimp is a great source of lean protein, and the Bang Bang sauce in this paleo recipe is to die for.

14 /21: Roasted veggie-black bean tacos

14/21 :Roasted veggie-black bean tacos

Sometimes simple is best, as shown by these healthy roasted veggie and black bean tacos.

15 /21: Skinny Baja chicken tacos

15/21 :Skinny Baja chicken tacos

One or two (or three?) of these skinny Baja chicken tacos will leave you feeling energized, not lethargic.

16 /21: Skinny Buffalo chicken tacos

16/21 :Skinny Buffalo chicken tacos

Buffalo chicken doesn't have to be a special treat when it's made lighter, like in these healthy tacos

17 /21: Skinny fish tacos with cilantro-lime crema

17/21 :Skinny fish tacos with cilantro-lime crema

Lean fish fillets are the perfect protein choice for these lighter tacos with cilantro-lime crema.

18 /21: Spicy sweet potato tacos

18/21 :Spicy sweet potato tacos

The contrast of sweet potatoes and spicy seasoning makes these healthy tacos a winner.

19 /21: Sriracha-lime shrimp tacos

19/21 :Sriracha-lime shrimp tacos

Spicy, citrusy Sriracha-lime shrimp tacos are so good you won't miss the beef.

20 /21: Veggie tacos with spicy avocado sauce

20/21 :Veggie tacos with spicy avocado sauce

You'll want to slather this spicy avocado sauce on everything, including these veggie tacos.

21 /21: Black bean tacos with avocado-cilantro sauce

21/21 :Black bean tacos with avocado-cilantro sauce

Creamy avocado, cilantro and lime sauces make these healthy black bean tacos sing.