The ultimate list of New Year’s Eve finger foods

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 28, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Keep your mingling New Year's Eve guests satiated with cute little bite-size apps.

Originally published December 2015. Updated December 2016.

1 /25: Baked falafel

1/25 :Baked falafel

Served with a tahini dipping sauce, these baked falafel balls will go like hotcakes.

2 /25: Devils on horseback

2/25 :Devils on horseback

These fig, cheese and bacon bites drizzled with honey look fancy but are a cinch to put together.

3 /25: Mushroom, leek and goat cheese mini quiche

3/25 :Mushroom, leek and goat cheese mini quiche

Tangy goat cheese is the perfect foil for earthy mushrooms in these mini quiche.

4 /25: Pesto-stuffed shrimp

4/25 :Pesto-stuffed shrimp

Shrimp is always a big hit at any party, and these pesto-stuffed bites are no exception.

5 /25: Mini flatbreads with cipollini onions and chèvre

5/25 :Mini flatbreads with cipollini onions and chèvre

Crispy little flatbreads hold bites of salty goat cheese and sweet roasted onions in this recipe.

6 /25: 15-Minute Buffalo bites

6/25 :15-Minute Buffalo bites

Whip up these mini Buffalo dip bites in 15 minutes flat so you can commence partying.

7 /25: Prosciutto-Gruyère pinwheels

7/25 :Prosciutto-Gruyère pinwheels

Flaky puff pastry rolled with proscuitto and Gruyère will leave your guests begging for more.

8 /25: Ranch cucumber bites

8/25 :Ranch cucumber bites

Get a head start on your New Year's resolution with these healthy ranch cucumber bites.

9 /25: Caramelized onion and apple mini tarts

9/25 :Caramelized onion and apple mini tarts

Topped with fontina cheese and thyme, these mini tarts are a great vegetarian party food.

10 /25: Chicken Parm balls

10/25 :Chicken Parm balls

Forget the sticky slow cooker meatballs, and try these crisped-up chicken Parm balls at your party instead.

11 /25: Bacon- and blue cheese-stuffed mushrooms

11/25 :Bacon- and blue cheese-stuffed mushrooms

Little bites of bacon, cheese and mushroom are the perfect way to toast the new year.

12 /25: Zesty ceviche tostada bites

12/25 :Zesty ceviche tostada bites

Tortilla scoops are the secret to these ceviche tostada bites.

13 /25: Moroccan sausage rolls

13/25 :Moroccan sausage rolls

Hearty Moroccan sausage rolls, studded with Craisins and pine nuts, are a hearty treat for your party guests.

14 /25: Crabcake sliders

14/25 :Crabcake sliders

Seafood sliders are always a huge hit at any party, and these pair well with bubbly too.

15 /25: Mini pizza bites

15/25 :Mini pizza bites

These mini pizza bites are far fancier than anything that comes from the freezer aisle at the grocery store.

16 /25: Beer-braised chicken sliders

16/25 :Beer-braised chicken sliders

After a glass or two of Champagne, these sticky-sweet chicken sliders will taste like heaven on Earth.

17 /25: Cider cheese soup shooters

17/25 :Cider cheese soup shooters

Served in mini pretzel bread bowls, these cider cheese soup shooters will wow your guests.

18 /25: Caprese skewers with mini turkey meatballs

18/25 :Caprese skewers with mini turkey meatballs

Caprese skewers get a hearty winter makeover here thanks to tiny turkey meatballs.

19 /25: Mini salmon wonton cups

19/25 :Mini salmon wonton cups

These fresh-tasting bites are a welcome alternative to heavier holiday food.

20 /25: Fried taco ravioli

20/25 :Fried taco ravioli

There's nothing refined about these deep-fried taco bites, but ravioli wrappers make them look party ready.

21 /25: Sweet potato and lentil sliders on mini pretzel buns

21/25 :Sweet potato and lentil sliders on mini pretzel buns

Vegetarian party guests will adore these sweet potato and lentil sliders.

22 /25: Spinach dip cups

22/25 :Spinach dip cups

Combine your chips and dip with these creamy spinach dip cups.

23 /25: Pesto, mushroom and avocado beet chips

23/25 :Pesto, mushroom and avocado beet chips

Earthy yet bright, these pesto beet chips are a unique appetizer.

24 /25: Bang bang cauliflower

24/25 :Bang bang cauliflower

Crispy cauliflower and a spicy, creamy dipping sauce make this dish a party hit.

25 /25: Gingerbread cheesecake bites

25/25 :Gingerbread cheesecake bites

Don't forget dessert! These gingerbread cheesecake bites are the perfect way to wrap up your party.