No-bake Christmas cookies you can make at the last minute

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 25, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET

You are the magic elf who saves Christmas with these quick, no-bake cookies.

Originally published December 2015. Updated December 2016.

1 /25: Samoa cookies

1/25 :Samoa cookies

Thanks to this Samoa cookie recipe, you can enjoy your favorite Girl Scout cookies at a moment's notice.

2 /25: Chocolate macaroons

2/25 :Chocolate macaroons

Coconut and chocolate make these no-bake macaroons taste just as good as the original.

3 /25: S'mores no-bake cookies

3/25 :S'mores no-bake cookies

S'mores get a no-bake, no-campfire-needed makeover in this cookie recipe.

4 /25: White chocolate thin mints

4/25 :White chocolate thin mints

It couldn't be easier to make these no-bake white chocolate thin mints.

5 /25: Dark chocolate-almond cookies

5/25 :Dark chocolate-almond cookies

Crunchy almonds and smooth dark chocolate are bffs in this dark chocolate-almond cookies recipe.

6 /25: Christmas tree cookies

6/25 :Christmas tree cookies

These cheery no-bake Christmas trees are just the thing for your next cookie swap.

7 /25: Chewy cookies-and-cream bars

7/25 :Chewy cookies-and-cream bars

Everyone will love these no-bake chewy cookies-and-cream bars.

8 /25: Chow mein noodle cookies

8/25 :Chow mein noodle cookies

The secret ingredient to these crunchy no-bake cookies is chow mein noodles.

9 /25: Cake batter cookies

9/25 :Cake batter cookies

Colorful sprinkles make these cake batter cookies the funnest no-bake recipe ever.

10 /25: Thumbprint jam cookies

10/25 :Thumbprint jam cookies

Vegan, gluten-free thumbprint cookies are just the thing to serve with tea.

11 /25: Reese's Krispies cookies

11/25 :Reese's Krispies cookies

Crunchy and full of peanut butter and chocolate, no one can turn down these no-bake cookies

12 /25: Pumpkin spice cookies

12/25 :Pumpkin spice cookies

Cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin make these no-bake cookies the perfect thing to munch on cold days.

13 /25: Chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bites

13/25 :Chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bites

Chocolate chip cookie dough gets enrobed in brownies in this no-bake recipe.

14 /25: Fudgy mint chocolate cookies

14/25 :Fudgy mint chocolate cookies

Mint and chocolate go together so well, these no-bake cookies are sure to be a hit.

15 /25: Peanut butter-butterscotch cookies

15/25 :Peanut butter-butterscotch cookies

Butterscotch gives these peanut butter no-bake cookies an extra level of flavor.

16 /25: Chocolate caramel cracker cookies

16/25 :Chocolate caramel cracker cookies

Technically you do use your oven for these easy Twix cookies — but only for a minute or two.

17 /25: Banana bread cookies

17/25 :Banana bread cookies

Banana bread no-bake cookies are basically breakfast food, right? 

18 /25: Chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies

18/25 :Chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies

Chocolate and peanut butter are at it again in these chunky no-bake cookies.

19 /25: Abominable Snow Monster cookie pops

19/25 :Abominable Snow Monster cookie pops

Get into the spirit of the season with these fun Abominable Snow Monster cookie pops.

20 /25: Cookies-and-cream meltaways

20/25 :Cookies-and-cream meltaways

Cookies and cream never tasted so good as in this recipe for no-bake meltaways.

21 /25: Vegan snowballs

21/25 :Vegan snowballs

Almond flour gives these no-bake vegan snowballs an authentically nutty flavor.

22 /25: Pumpkin and mascarpone cookies

22/25 :Pumpkin and mascarpone cookies

Creamy mascarpone makes these no-bake pumpkin cookies unlike any other.

23 /25: Rocky road haystacks

23/25 :Rocky road haystacks

All of your favorite goodies are packed into these no-bake rocky road haystacks.

24 /25: Maple cookies

24/25 :Maple cookies

Maple syrup gives these no-bake cookies a cozy vibe.

25 /25: Snowy mountain cookies

25/25 :Snowy mountain cookies

As visually intriguing as they are tasty, these no-bake snowy mountain cookies are worth a try.