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34 Christmas Cakes That Are More Works of Art Than They Are Dessert


SheKnows Editorial

For most of us, the holidays are met with grand excitement because it’s time to finally make our creative Christmas cookies. Baking Christmas cookies is a time-honored holiday tradition in many families, and the best thing about it is that it lets us bust out of our chocolate chip cookie rut. We’re not hating on good ol’ chocolate chip cookies, but how often do you get to whip up batches of snowballs and gingerbread men?

And all these years, we’ve been so proud of our Christmas creations thinkin’ we’re all artsy and stuff — when there are some crazy-talented people out there who have taken holiday baking to the next level. We’re talking cake masterpieces, here. These true artists have the ability to turn buttercream and fondant into sculptures that belong in museums. Or at least the Christmas hall of fame. 

These cakes are so artfully crafted, you won’t even believe they’re baked goods.

Originally published December 2015. Updated November 2017.

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