29 seriously impressive Christmas food crafts for a Pinterest-worthy holiday

by Karen Miner
Dec 8, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. ET

Let's face it; when it comes to DIY and home crafting, we live in a super-competitive world — especially when the holiday season rolls around. And it's not like creating yummy treats is enough anymore. Thanks to the internet, seasonal baking has been taken to a whole new visual level.

But don't fret — you'll be the queen of Pinterest when you pull off any of these dazzling holiday food crafts.

Originally published December 2015. Updated December 2016.

1 /29: Ice-skating penguin cookies

1/29 :Ice-skating penguin cookies

Right down to the tracks in the ice, these too-cute cookies have every little detail.

2 /29: Christmas stocking cakes

2/29 :Christmas stocking cakes

As long as you like licorice, the naughty option isn't so bad, really. 

3 /29: Hot cocoa mug cookies

3/29 :Hot cocoa mug cookies

Tiny edible mugs full of chocolate ganache beat plain ol' hot chocolate any day. 

4 /29: 3-D Christmas tree cookies

4/29 :3-D Christmas tree cookies

Colorful funky cookie trees make an awesome edible display.

5 /29: Pretzel log cabin

5/29 :Pretzel log cabin

If gingerbread is too sweet, this salty-sweet log cabin is the way to go.

6 /29: Snowy mountain cookies

6/29 :Snowy mountain cookies

These cookies are no-bake, making them one of the more doable options on this list.

7 /29: Hoooot cocoa spoons

7/29 :Hoooot cocoa spoons

If you can bear to do it, dunk these adorable owl spoons in your mug to sweeten things up.

8 /29: Frozen gingerbread men

8/29 :Frozen gingerbread men

The love for all things Frozen rages on. Get your gingerbread men in on the action.

9 /29: Santa sippers

9/29 :Santa sippers

Fill these sippers up with milk or something a little stronger for the adults. 

10 /29: Mini gingerbread houses

10/29 :Mini gingerbread houses

If these aren't the cutest garnish ever, I don't know what is.

11 /29: Snowman Jell-O shot pops

11/29 :Snowman Jell-O shot pops

This one's for the big kids. Specifically those who want to get their party on this holiday season.

12 /29: Winter wonderland graham crackers

12/29 :Winter wonderland graham crackers

Turn graham crackers into edible works of art with frosting and candy. 

13 /29: Snowman cinnamon rolls

13/29 :Snowman cinnamon rolls

The best thing about these festive snowmen is that they're stuffed with cream cheese.

14 /29: Christmas present cookies

14/29 :Christmas present cookies

There's a sweet surprise inside these cookies.

15 /29: Puff pastry trees

15/29 :Puff pastry trees

Premade puff pastry gives you a fighting chance when it comes to executing these edible trees.

16 /29: Olaf the Snowman snacks

16/29 :Olaf the Snowman snacks

These Olaf snacks would probably make some pretty tasty s'mores...

17 /29: Chocolate pinecones

17/29 :Chocolate pinecones

Pinecones made out of chocolate cereal, peanut butter and Nutella don't sound so bad.

18 /29: Reese's Rudolph

18/29 :Reese's Rudolph

This one's for the amateurs. You can do it. 

19 /29: Melting snowman cookies

19/29 :Melting snowman cookies

You'd better eat these cookies up quick before Frosty melts away completely. 

20 /29: Wiener dog Santa cookies

20/29 :Wiener dog Santa cookies

Because what's cuter than 3-D wiener dog Santa cookies?

21 /29: Christmas present cake with a surprise

21/29 :Christmas present cake with a surprise

This cake has potential Pinterest FAIL written all over it, but it sure is pretty.

22 /29: Forest of fudge

22/29 :Forest of fudge

Up your fudge game by turning it into a festive forest of green.

23 /29: Chocolate snowman pretzels

23/29 :Chocolate snowman pretzels

Chocolate and pretzels? Frosty never tasted so good.

24 /29: Cheesy reindeer

24/29 :Cheesy reindeer

Here's another good choice for novices — cheese triangles decorated as reindeer.

25 /29: Cherry-filled gingerbread men

25/29 :Cherry-filled gingerbread men

Show your gingerbread men a little extra love this season. 

26 /29: Christmas tree cupcakes

26/29 :Christmas tree cupcakes

Bite into these cupcakes for a tree-shaped cheesecake surprise. 

27 /29: No-bake polar bear cookies

27/29 :No-bake polar bear cookies

Another no-bake cookie to get your food crafter feet wet.

28 /29: Chocolate pretzel reindeers

28/29 :Chocolate pretzel reindeers

Pair these with the pretzel snowmen for a Frosty and Rudolph reunion.

29 /29: Snowman macarons

29/29 :Snowman macarons

If you've mastered macarons, try dressing them up for the holidays this season.