These Make-Ahead Breakfasts Are Total Lifesavers When You Have Company

by Justina Huddleston
Oct 13, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Whether it's the holiday season or just a normal weekend, inviting guests to stay with you for a couple days always seems like an amazing way to catch up with the people you love. Only when you're playing hostess, it always seems like you're spending more time making sure everyone is fed and happy than actually getting to spend a little QT with your friends and family. It's the catch-22 of entertaining a house full of people. 

Keeping your people fed is obviously of utmost importance, and we won't tell you that you're gonna be able to stop cooking (unless, of course, you've found some really great family-style takeout that cooks up breakfast lunch and dinner). But with a little strategy, you can do some prep that allows you to throw together some meals in mere minutes with almost no effort.

Like these delicious make-ahead breakfasts. These big batches will keep everyone satisfied, and you won't even have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make them, either. 

Originally posted December 2016. Updated October 2017.

1 /22: Personal frittatas

1/22 :Personal frittatas

Individual frittatas are a breeze to freeze ahead of time.

2 /22: Breakfast burritos

2/22 :Breakfast burritos

Make these breakfast burritos a few weeks before guests arrive, then freeze until ready to serve.

3 /22: Vegan overnight French toast bake

3/22 :Vegan overnight French toast bake

Please vegan guests with this easy overnight French toast bake.

4 /22: Easy egg sandwiches

4/22 :Easy egg sandwiches

Egg sandwiches freeze beautifully and are totally customizable too.

5 /22: Apple French toast casserole

5/22 :Apple French toast casserole

Spiced apples keep this make-ahead French toast from tasting dull.

6 /22: Greens and cheddar breakfast strata

6/22 :Greens and cheddar breakfast strata

Hearty greens and cheese are at the heart of this make-ahead breakfast strata.

7 /22: Overnight apple-walnut oatmeal

7/22 :Overnight apple-walnut oatmeal

Make this apple-walnut oatmeal before bed, then wake up to a perfect breakfast.

8 /22: Overnight slow cooker apple pie oatmeal

8/22 :Overnight slow cooker apple pie oatmeal

The smell of this slow cooker apple pie oatmeal will make anyone a morning person.

9 /22: Peach French toast casserole

9/22 :Peach French toast casserole

Bright and juicy peaches will awaken your taste buds in this make-ahead French toast.

10 /22: Veggie-filled egg muffin cups

10/22 :Veggie-filled egg muffin cups

Healthy and convenient, these egg muffins are easy to pop out of the freezer when you need breakfast.

11 /22: Raspberry and cream breakfast bake

11/22 :Raspberry and cream breakfast bake

Decadent raspberries and cream make this make-ahead breakfast bake worth waking up for. 

12 /22: Banana-coconut overnight oats

12/22 :Banana-coconut overnight oats

Fancy and oatmeal don't usually go hand in hand, but these elegant overnight oats are the exception.

13 /22: Easy breakfast burritos

13/22 :Easy breakfast burritos

Chock-full of cheese, eggs and other goodies, these make-ahead breakfast burritos are easy to freeze.

14 /22: Sausage and gravy breakfast casserole

14/22 :Sausage and gravy breakfast casserole

Sausage and biscuits in a creamy gravy make for the easiest breakfast ever thanks to this make-ahead casserole

15 /22: Croissant sandwiches

15/22 :Croissant sandwiches

Hearty croissant breakfast sandwiches freeze surprisingly well, so you can have breakfast in a jiff.

16 /22: Breakfast quesadillas

16/22 :Breakfast quesadillas

Freeze these breakfast quesadillas ahead of time, then serve them up to impress guests on a busy morning.

17 /22: Pancake bites

17/22 :Pancake bites

Tiny pancake bites in all sorts of flavors are the pefect breakfast to stash in your freezer.

18 /22: S'mores overnight French toast casserole

18/22 :S'mores overnight French toast casserole

Is it dessert or breakfast? No one will care once they taste this overnight s'mores French toast.

19 /22: Overnight blueberry French toast

19/22 :Overnight blueberry French toast

Pops of sweet-tart blueberry keep this overnight French toast from feeling too heavy.

20 /22: Overnight pumpkin French toast

20/22 :Overnight pumpkin French toast

Cozy spices make this overnight pumpkin French toast smell delicious while it bakes.

21 /22: Pull-apart sticky buns

21/22 :Pull-apart sticky buns

Make these pull-apart sticky buns in advance, then pull them out of the freezer for a breakfast treat.

22 /22: Cheesy tater tot breakfast bake

22/22 :Cheesy tater tot breakfast bake

The hardest part about making this tater tot breakfast bake ahead of time is not eating it on the spot.