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In the name of the moon, you need to see the new Sailor Moon café (PHOTOS)


SheKnows Editorial

Good news for Sailor Moon fans: A Sailor Moon pop-up café is heading to New York this January.

The Hanamizuki Café will be taken over by Sailor Moon fanatics Tiffany and Barbara (who go by their cosplay names, Akiran and Kou). Under their direction, all the staff will be in cosplay, dressing up and acting like characters from the show, and the café will be serving up Sailor Moon-themed desserts. The staff will be comprised of volunteers, and the pop-up will be funded by ticket sales to help pay for rent and supply costs. It’s basically the pet project of a group of devoted Sailor Moon fans who want to give others obsessed with the franchise a chance to live out their dream of coexisting with Usagi and the Sailor Soldiers.

Whether you’re a fan of the manga, the original TV series or if your kids (and you) are obsessed with the recent Sailor Moon Crystal reboot, these pictures from the Japanese Sailor Moon café will give you an idea of what to expect when the pop-up hits New York.

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