15 Decorating ideas to turn your cookies into something special

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 9, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. ET

From a flood of icing to a dusting of edible gold, these tips will take your holiday cookies to the next level.

1 /15: Flood with icing

1/15 :Flood with icing

Using the flooding technique makes this elaborate frosting design a cinch.

2 /15: Use frosting as glue

2/15 :Use frosting as glue

You can use frosting to decorate, but as glue, it allows you to make all sorts of 3-D stacked cookie creations.

3 /15: Make your own sprinkles

3/15 :Make your own sprinkles

For custom cookie creations, make sprinkles at home in every color your heart desires.

4 /15: Add texture with sprinkles

4/15 :Add texture with sprinkles

Sprinkles can add realistic texture to your cookies, emulating everything from pine needles to snow.

5 /15: Dip into chocolate

5/15 :Dip into chocolate

Dip whole cookies, or just a corner, into chocolate. They'll look super luxe and taste amazing too.

6 /15: Make stained glass

6/15 :Make stained glass

Stained glass (aka melted crushed hard candy) is a super-easy way to make your cookies stand out

7 /15: Frost some sandwiches

7/15 :Frost some sandwiches

Even simple drop cookies look fancier when sandwiched with a dollop of frosting.

8 /15: Roll and slice

8/15 :Roll and slice

Roll icebox cookie dough in crushed nuts, sprinkles or coarse sugar before slicing for a pretty effect.

9/15 :Swirl it up

With this technique, the decoration is the cookie dough itself. Try it once, and you'll be hooked.

10 /15: Stamp the dough

10/15 :Stamp the dough

Use rubber stamps, the bottoms of fancy glasses and other materials to stamp designs into your dough.

11 /15: Go for the gold

11/15 :Go for the gold

Edible gold dust, glitter and even edible gold spray paint will make any cookie look glamorous.

12 /15: Paint with powdered sugar

12/15 :Paint with powdered sugar

Use a doily or piece of lace as a stencil with powdered sugar for a delicate design.

13 /15: Design with stencils

13/15 :Design with stencils

Use stencils to paint precise designs in royal icing on your cookies. Contrasting colors really pop.

14 /15: Glaze away

14/15 :Glaze away

Sometimes a drizzle of glaze is all a cookie needs to look fabulous.

15 /15: Cut your way to 3-D

15/15 :Cut your way to 3-D

Cut shapes out of fondant, candy or Fruit Roll-Ups to give your cookies a 3-D appearance.