20 Delectably gluten-free Hanukkah recipes

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 3, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Being gluten-free during Hanukkah doesn't have to be a struggle thanks to these delicious recipes.

1 /20: Rice flour latkes

1/20 :Rice flour latkes

Rice flour makes these gluten-free latkes extra crispy.

2 /20: Ricotta fritters with chocolate sauce

2/20 :Ricotta fritters with chocolate sauce

Decadent gluten-free ricotta fritters are made even more indulgent with a chocolate-orange sauce.

3 /20: Gluten-free jelly doughnuts

3/20 :Gluten-free jelly doughnuts

It wouldn't be Hanukkah without jelly doughnuts, and these gluten-free ones totally hit the spot.

4 /20: Gluten-free cheese latkes

4/20 :Gluten-free cheese latkes

These cheesy gluten-free latkes may become your new favorite.

5 /20: Potato latkes with jalapeño-dill sauce

5/20 :Potato latkes with jalapeño-dill sauce

Jazz up your usual potato latkes with this zingy jalapeño-dill sauce.

6 /20: Sweet potato balls

6/20 :Sweet potato balls

Get out of your latke rut, and try these sweet potato balls this year.

7 /20: Carrot and scallion latkes

7/20 :Carrot and scallion latkes

Orange carrots and green scallions make these colorful latkes look extra festive.

8 /20: Apple-pumpkin butter rugelach

8/20 :Apple-pumpkin butter rugelach

The comforting fall flavors of apple and pumpkin come together in this Hanukkah recipe.

9 /20: Zucchini and sweet potato latkes

9/20 :Zucchini and sweet potato latkes

Boost your vitamin intake with these gluten-free zucchini and sweet potato latkes

10 /20: Gluten-free cherry blintzes

10/20 :Gluten-free cherry blintzes

Sweet-tart cherries are the perfect counterpoint to rich cheese in these gluten-free blintzes.

11 /20: Spaghetti squash and quinoa fritters

11/20 :Spaghetti squash and quinoa fritters

Veggies, protein-rich quinoa and Parmesan cheese converge in these gluten-free fritters.

12 /20: Gluten-free cranberry-chocolate rugelach

12/20 :Gluten-free cranberry-chocolate rugelach

Tart cranberries and slightly bitter dark chocolate give this gluten-free rugelach an edge.

13 /20: Gluten-free apple fritters

13/20 :Gluten-free apple fritters

Gluten-free, paleo and low-carb, these are apple fritters you can feel good about enjoying.

14 /20: Fig and pecan gluten-free rugelach

14/20 :Fig and pecan gluten-free rugelach

Sweet figs and toasty pecans are the stars of this gluten-free rugelach.

15 /20: Gluten-free apple rings

15/20 :Gluten-free apple rings

Fried apple rings may just be the most fun Hanukkah snack.

16 /20: Gluten-free glazed doughnut holes

16/20 :Gluten-free glazed doughnut holes

Gluten-free doughnut holes are just the thing to enjoy with a cup of coffee after dinner.

17 /20: Gluten-free lemon-ricotta pancakes

17/20 :Gluten-free lemon-ricotta pancakes

Lemon and ricotta make these gluten-free pancakes taste surprisingly light.

18 /20: Gluten-free applesauce cake

18/20 :Gluten-free applesauce cake

Sweet apples give this gluten-free applesauce cake a surprising richness.

19 /20: Paleo apple cider doughnuts

19/20 :Paleo apple cider doughnuts

Combine a fall favorite and a Hanukkah treat in this sweet paleo recipe.

20 /20: Gluten-free apple butter doughnut holes

20/20 :Gluten-free apple butter doughnut holes

Doughnut holes are even better when they're filled with apple butter.