38 Amazing Thanksgiving Food Fails You Have to See to Believe

by Karen Miner
Nov 8, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. ET
40 awesomely bad Thanksgiving food FAILS you can't help but laugh at
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Picture this, if you will: You and your family gather on Thanksgiving Day, smiles ear-to-ear because you're so happy to all be together. Granddad is at the head of the table as everybody stands around holding hands and takes turns sharing what they are grateful for in their lives. Then, Grandma comes swishing out of the kitchen with a perfectly golden-brown turkey that smells as good as it looks and is the perfect complement to all of the wonderfully prepared sides already waiting on the table, still piping hot. It's a scene worthy of a Norman Rockwell painting. 

This, folks, is a total fantasy, because we all know that's not how Thanksgiving Day — as glorious as it is — ever goes down. Family drama and kitchen mishaps are what Turkey Day is really all about. 

We all want to create a Martha Stewart-esque Thanksgiving spread, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Take these hilarious fails, for example. Also, pro tip: If browsing through the #ThanksgivingFail hashtag has taught us anything, it’s to steer clear of pies and sweet potato casseroles. 

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.

1 /38: Overturned pie fail

1/38 :Overturned pie fail

The No. 1 Thanksgiving nemesis: the pie.

2 /38: Mashed potatoes fail

2/38 :Mashed potatoes fail

You had one job, glass lid. One job.

3 /38: Green bean casserole fail

3/38 :Green bean casserole fail

The crunchy onions on the top are still totally fine.

4 /38: Turkey on the floor fail

4/38 :Turkey on the floor fail

A case for not drinking too much before you get the turkey safely to the table.

5 /38: Burnt from the inside out fail

5/38 :Burnt from the inside out fail

Who knew that molten lava came out of overcooked sweet potatoes?

6 /38: Lemon meringue pie fail

6/38 :Lemon meringue pie fail

When you need a ladle for your pie, you know it's bad.

7 /38: Turducken fail

7/38 :Turducken fail

The seafood version of a turducken — aka the stuff nightmares are made of.

8 /38: Pie crust fail

8/38 :Pie crust fail

Pie crusts like this are why professional bakeries exist.

9 /38: Burnt turkey fail

9/38 :Burnt turkey fail

Turkey jerky is actually pretty expensive, so... silver lining?

10 /38: Pumpkin pie fail

10/38 :Pumpkin pie fail

Pumpkin pie: Why do you have to be so difficult?

11 /38: Apple crisp fail

11/38 :Apple crisp fail

This brings new meaning to the term "crisp."

12 /38: Caramel apple fail

12/38 :Caramel apple fail

Sometimes apples just don't want to overachieve.

13 /38: Turkey treat fail

13/38 :Turkey treat fail

Wait, wait, wait — wasn't Halloween last month?

14 /38: Cat vs. pie fail

14/38 :Cat vs. pie fail

Because at the end of the day, cats really are just tiny fur-covered jerks.

15/38 :Dessert fail

Probably shouldn't have tried to meld 19 desserts together.

16 /38: Mac & cheese on the floor fail

16/38 :Mac & cheese on the floor fail

Forget the five-second rule. The five-hour rule comes into play for mac and cheese.

17 /38: Fruit crisp fail

17/38 :Fruit crisp fail

When you can barely recognize it as dessert, you probably failed.

18 /38: Sweet potato casserole fail No. 2

18/38 :Sweet potato casserole fail No. 2

I like toasty marshmallows as much as the next guy, but...

19 /38: Pie fail... again

19/38 :Pie fail... again

When you can't get past step 1, abort immediately, and drive to the bakery.

20 /38: Cranberry sauce fail

20/38 :Cranberry sauce fail

Does anybody really care about the cranberry sauce?

21 /38: Pecan pie fail

21/38 :Pecan pie fail

Not a total fail, but one more strike against pies.

22 /38: Cornbread fail

22/38 :Cornbread fail

When you can pick up a whole pan of cornbread like this, you know something went wrong.

23 /38: Goopy pie fail

23/38 :Goopy pie fail

If it was this consistency going into the oven, you never had a chance.

24 /38: Sweet potato casserole fail

24/38 :Sweet potato casserole fail

The burned marshmallow solution: Scrape 'em off, and start over.

25 /38: Half-cooked turkey fail

25/38 :Half-cooked turkey fail

We can just eat the bottom half...

26 /38: Turkey cupcake fail

26/38 :Turkey cupcake fail

Nope. Turkeys do not need to look like this. Ever.

27 /38: Bursting mac & cheese fail

27/38 :Bursting mac & cheese fail

I would risk the glass shards for deliciously cheesy pasta.

28 /38: More pumpkin pie fails

28/38 :More pumpkin pie fails

For the last time... just buy the damn pie.

29 /38: Burnt rolls fail

29/38 :Burnt rolls fail

Nothing a little scraping won't fix.

30 /38: Deep-fried fail

30/38 :Deep-fried fail

Is it Thanksgiving or the Apocalypse?

31 /38: Hand mixer fail

31/38 :Hand mixer fail

Sally the Lab is gonna need a little help with that.

32 /38: Lost turkey fail

32/38 :Lost turkey fail

We've heard of the chicken crossing the road... guess this turkey wanted to make a go of it.

33 /38: Crispy fail

33/38 :Crispy fail

It's safe to say the goose is cooked.

34 /38: Flaming fail

34/38 :Flaming fail

Brûlée sweet potato casserole is on the menu tonight!

35 /38: Rising rolls fail

35/38 :Rising rolls fail

On the bright side, that loaf would make for one amazing leftover turkey sandwich.

36 /38: Cake pop fail

36/38 :Cake pop fail

20 bucks says they still taste amazing.

37 /38: Hungry puppy fail

37/38 :Hungry puppy fail

When #DogShaming and #ThanksgivingFail collide.

38 /38: Truffle balls fail

38/38 :Truffle balls fail

Just close your eyes when you eat them and everything will be fine.