Give the gift of homemade booze: 23 easy recipes for DIY liqueur

by Justina Huddleston
Dec 1, 2016 at 3:00 a.m. ET

DIY liqueur is an easy gift that will warm your friends' hearts all winter long.

Originally published December 2015. Updated November 2016.

1 /23: Handmade Irish cream

1/23 :Handmade Irish cream

Irish cream liqueur is a perfect holiday treat — in hot cocoa, coffee or just over ice.

2 /23: Homemade limoncello recipe

2/23 :Homemade limoncello recipe

Zesty and bright, limoncello is just the thing to sip after a big meal.

3 /23: DIY ginger liqueur

3/23 :DIY ginger liqueur

Kick your next cocktail up a notch with a splash of this DIY ginger liqueur.

4 /23: Rose liqueur

4/23 :Rose liqueur

Simple rose liqueur looks almost too pretty to drink, but it sure does make a lovely gift.

5 /23: Orange liqueur

5/23 :Orange liqueur

One sip of this orange liqueur, and you'll feel like you've been transported to summer.

6 /23: Homemade chocolate liqueur

6/23 :Homemade chocolate liqueur

Dessert or a drink? You won't care once you have a sip of this homemade chocolate liqueur.

7 /23: Cherry brandy liqueur

7/23 :Cherry brandy liqueur

Cherry brandy is a classic for a reason, and this recipe is no exception.

8 /23: Creamy chai liqueur

8/23 :Creamy chai liqueur

Spicy chai is the perfect addition to a classic cream liqueur.

9 /23: Cranberry liqueur

9/23 :Cranberry liqueur

Tart and sweet cranberries give this liqueur a beautiful red color — it's as pretty as it is tasty.

10 /23: Creamy coconut liqueur

10/23 :Creamy coconut liqueur

Tropical and creamy, this coconut liqueur tastes great year-round.

11 /23: Thai basil-mango liqueur

11/23 :Thai basil-mango liqueur

Thai basil-mango liqueur is the perfect addition to margs and mojitos.

12 /23: Rose petal-lemon balm liqueur

12/23 :Rose petal-lemon balm liqueur

Lemon balm gives this rose petal liqueur a fragrant, summery note.

13 /23: German egg liqueur

13/23 :German egg liqueur

Rich and thick, this German egg liqueur is great on its own or used in baked goods.

14 /23: Rhubarb liqueur

14/23 :Rhubarb liqueur

Take a sip of summer every time you pour a glass of this rhubarb liqueur.

15 /23: DIY coffee liqueur

15/23 :DIY coffee liqueur

Any warm, creamy beverage could benefit from a shot of this DIY coffee liqueur.

16 /23: Homemade raspberry liqueur elixir

16/23 :Homemade raspberry liqueur elixir

A splash of this raspberry liqueur makes a glass of Champagne sing.

17 /23: Dulce de leche liqueur

17/23 :Dulce de leche liqueur

Creamy dulce de leche makes this liqueur the perfect thing to drink in front of a fireplace.

18 /23: Cherry-infused bourbon

18/23 :Cherry-infused bourbon

Use this cherry-infused bourbon in your next Old-Fashioned for a fun treat.

19 /23: Sugar-free Irish cream liqueur

19/23 :Sugar-free Irish cream liqueur

Here's a way to enjoy some holiday indulgence: Irish cream liqueur without the sugar.

20 /23: Apple pie liqueur

20/23 :Apple pie liqueur

Spicy and sweet, this apple pie liqueur will warm you from within.

21 /23: Cinnamon hearts liqueur

21/23 :Cinnamon hearts liqueur

Sweet-hot cinnamon hearts make this fiery liqueur irresistible.

22 /23: Homemade amaretto

22/23 :Homemade amaretto

Almond liqueur is a holiday must, and this homemade version is as tasty as can be.

23 /23: Nutella liqueur

23/23 :Nutella liqueur

Hazelnut and chocolate make this one of the most decadent liqueurs imaginable.