Turkey-Shaped Thanksgiving Treats Too Adorable Not to Make

by Justina Huddleston
Nov 17, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Thanksgiving can totally be the time to keep things classy. We've stumbled upon some seriously chic decorations and tablescapes that are to die for (minimalist decor is kinda our jam), and putting together an elegant meal that looks like it belongs in a magazine feels so right. Hell, we'll even prepare a huge (unnecessary) breakfast the day of Thanksgiving if it means another opportunity to fancy things up a little. 

But on the other hand, we're not above having a bit of cheesy fun, and dessert seems to be the best time to whip out adorable recipes. Sure, traditional pies and sweets with a classic look aren't going anywhere, but cute little treats deserve some holiday love too. 

These turkey-shaped treats are festive, adorable and downright tasty. Though be warned: They're almost too cute to eat. Almost. 

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.

1 /20: Oreo turkeys

1/20 :Oreo turkeys

Turkeys made from Oreos, peanut butter cups and candy corn are as fun to make as they are to eat.

2 /20: Thanksgiving apple tarts

2/20 :Thanksgiving apple tarts

Skip the apple pie this year, and make these turkey-shaped apple tarts instead.

3 /20: Turkey vegetable tray

3/20 :Turkey vegetable tray

Serve an assortment of fresh and pickled veggies in a fun turkey shape this Thanksgiving.

4 /20: Turkey treats

4/20 :Turkey treats

Colorful candies make these turkey treats the perfect Thanksgiving party favor.

5 /20: Cheesy turkey snacks

5/20 :Cheesy turkey snacks

Babybel cheese is the perfect base for these nutty turkey snacks.

6 /20: Turkey waffles

6/20 :Turkey waffles

Start celebrating Thanksgiving at breakfast with these cheery turkey-shaped waffles and fruit.

7 /20: Almond cookie turkeys

7/20 :Almond cookie turkeys

Buttery almond cookies are somehow even yummier when made into tiny turkeys.

8 /20: Popcorn paper bag turkey

8/20 :Popcorn paper bag turkey

Kids will love tearing into this paper bag turkey to get to the popcorn within.

9 /20: Turkey Rice Krispies Treats

9/20 :Turkey Rice Krispies Treats

As adorable as they are easy to make, these turkey Rice Krispies Treats deserve a place at your Thanksgiving table.

10 /20: Raw turkey cake

10/20 :Raw turkey cake

Fool your guests with this super-realistic raw turkey cake — just don't accidentally swap it with the real bird!

11 /20: Easy Oreo-pretzel turkeys

11/20 :Easy Oreo-pretzel turkeys

Chocolate-covered pretzels are a tasty stand-in for feathers in these sweet turkey treats.

12 /20: Turkey-shaped turkey sandwiches

12/20 :Turkey-shaped turkey sandwiches

Get your turkey fix twice with these turkey-shaped turkey-filled sandwiches.

13 /20: Turkey cheese tray

13/20 :Turkey cheese tray

Jazz up your Thanksgiving appetizer spread with this colorful turkey cheese tray.

14 /20: Reese's & Oreo turkey treats

14/20 :Reese's & Oreo turkey treats

Peanut butter cups and Oreos make the perfect little turkey treats in this easy recipe.

15 /20: Wide-eyed turkey cupcakes

15/20 :Wide-eyed turkey cupcakes

These wide-eyed turkey cupcakes are almost too cute to eat... almost.

16 /20: Rice Krispies turkey

16/20 :Rice Krispies turkey

This Rice Krispies turkey is a hilarious and tasty Thanksgiving dessert.

17 /20: Chocolate-covered pretzels in a turkey jar

17/20 :Chocolate-covered pretzels in a turkey jar

Make this turkey jar, and refill it with chocolate-covered pretzels every year for a fun Thanksgiving treat.

18 /20: Thanksgiving cookie pops

18/20 :Thanksgiving cookie pops

These guys are super-cute and a cinch to make!

19 /20: Gobble-gobble pancakes

19/20 :Gobble-gobble pancakes

Get into the Thanksgiving spirit by switching out your Mickey Mouse pancakes for cute turkeys.

20 /20: Turkey fruit platter

20/20 :Turkey fruit platter

The colorful plumage of this Thanksgiving turkey is filled with antioxidants.