25 Recipes for people who are obsessed with cheese

by Heather Barnett
Nov 30, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. ET

If you think cheese is a food group, these recipes are for you.

1 /25: Floral goat cheese

1/25 :Floral goat cheese

Fresh edible flowers, citrusy dill and fresh cracked black pepper give this goat cheese a bouquet of flavor.

2 /25: Black pepper and lemon Asiago dip

2/25 :Black pepper and lemon Asiago dip

What can't you dip in an Asiago dip with hints of spicy pepper and bright citrus?

3 /25: Devils on horseback

3/25 :Devils on horseback

Because only Satan would wrap blue cheese in prosciutto and expect you to stick to your diet.

4 /25: Skillet ravioli bake

4/25 :Skillet ravioli bake

Cheesy ravioli doused in sauce and meat topped with Parmesan and creamy ricotta... happy dance!

5 /25: Blue cheese and roasted grape tartine

5/25 :Blue cheese and roasted grape tartine

Sweet pan-roasted grapes cut the pungency of a generous smother of blue cheese on these tartines.

6 /25: Chèvre with bell pepper-ancho chili jam

6/25 :Chèvre with bell pepper-ancho chili jam

Tangy goat cheese is topped with a fiery chili pepper jam for a simple but elegant app.

7 /25: Crispy cheese gnocchi with spicy ketchup

7/25 :Crispy cheese gnocchi with spicy ketchup

With sharp cheddar and a splash of truffle oil, cheese gnocchi are a decadent alternative to fries. 

8 /25: Honey-walnut cream cheese

8/25 :Honey-walnut cream cheese

Sweet and creamy with a hint of cinnamon spice, honey-walnut cream cheese is a breakfast delight.

9 /25: Queso fundido with fire-roasted poblanos

9/25 :Queso fundido with fire-roasted poblanos

The melty Chihuahua cheese, smoky chorizo and roasted poblanos in queso fundido are a fiesta en tu boca!

10 /25: Creamy pancetta macaroni and cheese soup

10/25 :Creamy pancetta macaroni and cheese soup

Check out the maximum cheese gooeyness in this pancetta mac and cheese soup.

11 /25: Everything bagel pimento dip

11/25 :Everything bagel pimento dip

Who needs the bagel when you're snacking on pimento cheese with onion, garlic and sesame and poppy seeds?

12 /25: Creamy broccoli cheese soup

12/25 :Creamy broccoli cheese soup

Three cheeses make this broccoli cheese soup ooey-gooey comfort. Broccoli lets you count it as a veg.

13 /25: Baked cheesy apple sandwiches

13/25 :Baked cheesy apple sandwiches

Your favorite crisp apples get smothered in provolone in a baked sammy you have to eat to believe.

14 /25: Cheesy bacon-wrapped hot dogs

14/25 :Cheesy bacon-wrapped hot dogs

Jalapeño and cheese make these bacon-wrapped hot dogs even better. 

15 /25: Gruyère and green onion waffles

15/25 :Gruyère and green onion waffles

Because the only way to make waffles better is to load them up with Gruyère and spike them with green onions. 

16 /25: Pomegranate cheese ball

16/25 :Pomegranate cheese ball

You can make a plain cheese ball on game day, but a tart and creamy pomegranate ball is a touchdown.

17 /25: Caprese tart with herbed ricotta and balsamic

17/25 :Caprese tart with herbed ricotta and balsamic

Sweet, ripe tomatoes complement creamy ricotta and salty Parmesan in this easy caprese tart.

18 /25: Cheesy garlic and herb pull-apart bread

18/25 :Cheesy garlic and herb pull-apart bread

Cheesy pull-apart herb garlic bread is so good you'll be tempted to forget the spaghetti. 

19 /25: Beer-cheddar fondue

19/25 :Beer-cheddar fondue

Make sharp cheddar better by infusing it with German lager, piquant garlic and earthy, citrusy thyme.

20 /25: 3-Cheese risotto

20/25 :3-Cheese risotto

Three salty Italian cheeses, heavy cream and white wine… Oh, creamy risotto, bless your cheesy goodness.

21 /25: Enchilada soup

21/25 :Enchilada soup

Enchilada soup is a good excuse to pile on the cheese.

22 /25: Dill and cheese puffs

22/25 :Dill and cheese puffs

Fresh dill and garlic bring a new dimension to puffs of cheesy bread — move over Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

23 /25: Beet and goat cheese hearts

23/25 :Beet and goat cheese hearts

Sweet and salty, everyone will <3 these beet and goat cheese hearts

24 /25: Baked mozzarella sticks

24/25 :Baked mozzarella sticks

The purist form of cheese that still qualifies as cooking, baked mozzarella sticks cut at least some fat.

25 /25: Cheese platter

25/25 :Cheese platter

Sometimes you just want to have some cheese — try these cheese tray ideas for a tasty variety.