30 Sweet Potato Recipes That Go Far Beyond Thanksgiving Marshmallow Casserole

There’s no way around it. Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving standard, and there’s no way we can skip whipping them up for the holiday. That said, we are a bit ashamed to say we’re a little bit sick of the old-school preparations.

Don’t get us wrong; Grandma’s recipe for sweet potato casserole is stellar. It’s just that you can only take so many years of potatoes topped with sticky-sweet marshmallows before it starts to get old. Plus, one false move, and they’re charred black and start smoking up the joint (admit it — it’ happened to everyone at least once… or three times).

We dug up some recipes that will let us indulge in glorious sweet potatoes this holiday, but they all put a new twist on our favorite childhood dish. From a smoky sweet potato soup to sweet potato butter to spread on fresh-from-the-oven hot rolls and even an option for day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast, your biggest problem will be deciding which one to try first. 

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.