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25 Turkey Fails That Prove Thanksgiving Doesn’t Always Have a Happy Ending


SheKnows Editorial

Thanksgiving might be lovingly referred to as “Turkey Day” on the reg, but we’re kinda thinking this year we might be subbing out the gobbler. Don’t surf and turf or some cute little Cornish game hens sound like a lovely holiday main course? We’re pretty much down for anything — except that usual big bird.

You might be wondering why we seem so adamantly anti-turkey right now, and, quite frankly, it’s because we’re afraid. Very, very afraid. We searched out some Thanksgiving fails, and it turns out there are nothing short of 1,000,001 things that can go terribly wrong when you’re preparing a Thanksgiving turkey. We’ve got enough things to worry about right now as we’re getting ready to host on Thursday. We don’t need visions of burned turkeys and massive clouds of billowing black smoke dancing in our heads.

Seriously, these will make you rethink your Thanksgiving menu plan. On the other hand, they also kinda make us feel good about what goes down in our own kitchens.

Originally published November 2015. Updated November 2017.

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