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24 Thanksgiving Slow Cooker Recipes That’ll Make Your Holiday a Breeze


SheKnows Editorial

When it comes to holidays that are stressful to prepare for, Thanksgiving probably ranks No. 1 on the list. For one thing, roasting a turkey isn’t exactly the easiest thing to perfect. Not to mention the fact that other staples like impeccably seasoned stuffing and rich homemade gravy rank pretty high up on the difficult scale. And then there’s the sheer number of items you’re expected to prepare. How the hell is one person supposed to have sufficient counter space, room in the oven and, oh, enough arms to whip up a bird, mashed potatoes and half a dozen festive pies?

With a slow cooker that’s how. We don’t usually associate a crock pot or slow cooker with Turkey Day, but it’s a handy dandy device that can help add some ease into your cooking when you’re trying to time everything out perfectly.

And why spend your Thanksgiving toiling away when you can slow-cook your way to success?

Originally published November 2015. Updated October 2017.

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