23 No-Bake Halloween Treats so Easy to Make It’s Scary

It’s a debate for the ages. What’s really more satisfying: Candy or DIY treats?

Halloween candy like mini bars, candy corn and those adorable little boxes of Junior Mints have the nostalgic factor going for them. They’re cute, they’re tasty, they’re easy and they last forever. But we’re here to declare once and for all that Halloween homemade treats are the way to go.

When you make your own Halloween treats, you get to customize your experience — plus, when it comes to being visually pleasing, DIY treats take things to a whole new level. Sure, when you make Halloween treats for your festive shindig on your own, a little effort is involved. However, when you opt for simple no-bake treats, said effort is minimal. 

Give these cute goodies a try when you entertain this October, or you can even just make ’em for yourself. Because sometimes you don’t want to turn on the oven, but you still want a delicious Halloween treat.

Originally posted October 2015. Updated August 2017.


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