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27 Lasagna Recipes That Are Basically a Luxury Vacation for Your Mouth

Garfield had it right: Lasagna is a seriously important element of any diet. Whether you grew up with a family lasagna recipe or you’re trying to create your own, there’s no shortage of options online to try. But perhaps the best part about being adults (and getting to set our own lasagna standards) is realizing just how many types of lasagna there are in the world — white sauces, packed with veggies, packed with meats, without lasagna noodles altogether. Lasagnas go way beyond the cheese-meet-noodle-tomato sauce stack most of us associate with the word.

Since it’s your lasagna world (and we’re just living in it hoping you’ll invite us to dinner), we put together a list of some seriously mouthwatering lasagna recipes that are likely a little outside the norm of what you’d expect from the classic pasta casserole. There are gluten-free and vegetarian options too and flavors that will bring to mind everywhere from the Mediterranean to Puerto Rico. 

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