24 Halloween Treat Fails That’re Horrifyingly Hilarious

Don’t get us wrong. Give us all the Halloween candy, but our favorite part of October is actually cooking up a million Halloween-themed treats. From mummy cake pops to bloody broken-glass cupcakes, if it’s spooky (or super-cute and hilarious), we’re going to attempt to whip it up. Heck, we’ll even give some hot dog witch fingers a go when the mood strikes.

But when we get a little too ambitious, things go awry. You know what we’re talking about — epic fails that will give you Pinterest nightmares for days. Yes, we want our Halloween treats to be scary, but going horrifically wrong is not exactly the kind of scary we had in mind. 

Behold all of the best Halloween treat fails we could find on the internet. We salute y’all for trying, but maybe next year everybody should stick to Halloween-themed cocktails instead.

Updated September 2017.