Baker’s badass creations take dessert to a whole new level (PHOTOS)

Christine McConnell, sometimes called the Queen of Creepy Cookies, is one badass baker. But she wasn’t always creating jaw-dropping confectionery creations. She told us, “I started out by doing office work, but I wasn’t well suited for it, so I started working harder at photography and got licensed in cosmetology. I just sort of stumbled into baking by accident.”

She says she’s always loved sweets and a few years ago was looking at pictures of cakes online and decided to try making one. “I’ve never taken a class,” she says. “I just started Googling or watching YouTube videos if I had a question.” Makes it sound easy, doesn’t she? 

McConnell says she gets her inspiration from the silver screen: “I watch a ton of movies, usually one or two a day, and there’s always something that catches my eye and starts an idea. Obviously I’m a big fan of Tim Burton.”

She describes her style as “creepy, beautiful, fun,” which is more than evident in her work. “I like things that are scary, and I like things that are beautiful… combining them is my favorite hobby.”