14 Delicious 3-Ingredient Cookie Recipes

by Bethany Ramos
Mar 17, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Ever had hankering for freshly baked cookies, but suffered through the craving because diving elbow-deep into a mixing bowl sounded like the Seventh Circle of Hell? Yeah, it happens. These three-ingredient cookies, however, will save you from that "to bake or not to bake" conundrum — and they're infinitely better than breaking out that tube of store-bought dough.

Make some of these now, and pin the holiday cookies for December — Lord knows you'll need them.

Originally published November 2015. Updated March 2017.

1 /15: Cake mix cookies

1/15 :Cake mix cookies

Cake mix plus vegetable oil plus eggs equals simple cookies that won't last 15 minutes at a cookie exchange.

2 /15: Chocolate-pumpkin kiss cookies

2/15 :Chocolate-pumpkin kiss cookies

Devil's food cake mix, a can of pumpkin and pumpkin spice Kisses make perfect seasonal treats.

3 /15: Condensed milk cookies

3/15 :Condensed milk cookies

Forget the guilt factor, and make a quick batch of irresistible treats with butter, sweetened condensed milk and flour.

4 /15: Cookie butter truffles

4/15 :Cookie butter truffles

Truffles made with cookie butter, powdered sugar and chocolate are easy to make and even easier to eat.

5 /15: Gluten-free Italian almond cookies

5/15 :Gluten-free Italian almond cookies

Italian almond cookies technically have three ingredients (plus toppings) — almond paste, sugar and egg whites.

6 /15: Peanut butter cookies

6/15 :Peanut butter cookies

Just call these the easiest peanut butter cookies known to man.

7 /15: Peppermint Oreo fudge

7/15 :Peppermint Oreo fudge

While technically not a cookie, mouthwatering peppermint Oreo fudge is made with cookies.

8 /15: Pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies

8/15 :Pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies

It's not a holiday cookie exchange without all things pumpkin, like these simple pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies.

9 /15: Pumpkin spice pudding cookies

9/15 :Pumpkin spice pudding cookies

Pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin. Add these effortless pumpkin spice cookies to your cookie collection.

10 /15: Pumpkin-white chocolate cookies

10/15 :Pumpkin-white chocolate cookies

How many cookies can you make with pumpkin and two extra ingredients? The answer is: a lot.

11 /15: Ritz cookies

11/15 :Ritz cookies

These festive Ritz cookies are made with only two ingredients: peanut butter sandwich crackers and almond bark.

12 /15: Shortbread cookies

12/15 :Shortbread cookies

Here are the quickie sugar cookies you have been looking for to meet all your Christmas cookie-decorating needs.

13 /15: Thumbprint cookies

13/15 :Thumbprint cookies

The classic thumbprint Christmas cookie is easier (and healthier) than you've been led to believe.

14 /15: Nutella cookies

14/15 :Nutella cookies

Just one word: Nutella. Add these cookies to your list immediately.

15 /15: Cookies

15/15 :Cookies