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18 Hamburger Bun Alternatives That’re a Million Times Better Than Gluten-Free Bread


SheKnows Editorial

Back in the day when we were young and carefree, a good, old-fashioned white hamburger bun was the bee’s knees. We also walked to school uphill both ways in the snow. But times have changed. It may be easier to get to school and work, but gone are the days when we could wrap our burgers up in a glorious gluten-filled bun without batting an eyelash. We’ve got our health to worry about now, people!

And though we’ve tried to enjoy ourselves as we bite into a juicy patty enveloped in a gluten-free bun or two slices of GF bread, we just can’t. It’s not the same, and don’t even try to tell us that it is. So instead of going with the wannabe bread bun, we’re taking things in an entirely different direction.

Whether you’re trying to ditch carbs or just eat cleaner, you’re going to dig these hamburger bun alternatives.

Originally published July 2016. Updated August 2017.

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